Ink is printed through a single row of tiny ink holes on the ink well plate under vacuum pump action

Ink is printed through a single row of tiny ink holes on the ink well plate under vacuum pump action
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The frequency of vibration of the piezoelectric resonator determines the speed at which droplets form. During the formation of the ink droplets, they are charged by the electrodes of the charging system, and then each ink droplet is deflected differently depending on the charging value when the ink droplets flow through the deflection control panel. The trajectory of the ink droplets and the result of the inked paper surface are thus controlled. The trajectories of the ink droplets that are not charged are approximately linear and directly flow into the ink recovery device. Singer's continuous inkjet printing technology used by Angel Digital Printing's two-column continuous inkjet technology can be accurately described as the ink under the action of a vacuum pump through a small line of ink on the orifice plate printing. As can be seen from the sectional view of the ink jet head, the ink drop generator (or referred to as a resonator) is filled with ink with pressure, and the ceramic fiber blanket ink orifice plate is attached to the resonator mechanism, and the resonator has an ink chamber. The ink flow (also called ink line) is ejected through the ink orifice plate.

The ultrasonic oscillation from the resonator divides the ink line into tiny droplets of very uniform size. Resonance results from the thin sheet of piezoelectric crystal mounted on the side of the spray head. The drop generator is like the conductor of a symphony. Its mission is to keep the actors in tune. For an inkjet head, it is necessary to maintain the synchronization of ink droplet generation and charging, and the charging is accomplished by the ink droplets passing in front of the planar electrodes on the ceramic plate. The charge plate has corresponding electrodes for each drop. The voltage on the electrodes causes the ink droplets to get charge while they are decomposed from the ink stream.

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