Increase sufficient empirical parameters such as interdental and tooth load distribution coefficients

The finite element method can accurately determine the most abduction meshing position and maximum bending stress of the root, so as to accurately calculate the bending fatigue life and safety factor, and also view the stress variation at any position of the tooth root during the gear meshing process as needed. Because the traditional method can not accurately calculate the bending life, in order to ensure the reliability, sufficient empirical parameters such as inter-tooth and tooth-to-load distribution coefficient are added. When using finite element analysis, since the real model is meshed, no relevant parameters are needed, so the calculation is obtained. The safety factor is larger than the traditional method, indicating that the gears designed by the traditional method are safer and have room for further optimization.
Taking a pair of horizontal axis boring machine reducer helical gear pair as the research object, the bending fatigue life analysis method of the helical gear pair was studied, and the following results were obtained:1. A set of root bending fatigue life combined with ANSYS and ANSYSWorkbench was studied. The analytical methods exploit the advantages of both in transient contact analysis and fatigue analysis. 2 Using the classic ANSYS to simulate the meshing process of the helical gear pair, the HDPE low-pressure material can not only accurately determine the most effective meshing position of the root and its corresponding ultimate stress, but also the arbitrary meshing position and gear teeth during the gear meshing process. The loading situation of any part is analyzed. 3 Based on the results of transient dynamics analysis, the fatigue fatigue life of the helical gear pair was analyzed by the fatigue analysis module of ANSYSWorkbench. The bending fatigue life and safety factor of each part of the gear teeth were obtained, which laid a foundation for gear optimization.
The purpose of this paper is to study an accurate calculation method of the bending fatigue life of the helical gear pair. The relevant parameters are selected based on the ideal working conditions. The actual transmission is affected by external conditions, processing and assembly errors, etc. The actual life and theoretical analysis of the gear will be There are certain errors, so it is necessary to carry out further theoretical analysis and experimental research on these, which are the focus of the follow-up work in this paper.

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