In the modern agricultural park, the tomatoes that grow on the rock wool are all pure water.

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] China's agriculture has steadily improved this year, but it is still far from the developed countries. Many technologies or experiences in Western countries are worth learning and learning.
In the modern agricultural park, the tomatoes that grow on the rock wool are all pure water.
How does the “Environmental Intelligence Control System” introduced from the Netherlands fully plant cherry tomatoes (a cherry-sized tomato)? The reporter walked into the 24,000-square-meter Internet of Things glass greenhouse of Ruidao Huizhou Science and Technology Agricultural Company of Bazhouzhou Modern Agriculture Park in Qixia District yesterday to see how the Dutch modern agricultural plan "flowered the results" in Nanjing.
There is no worker in the 24,000 square meters glass greenhouse, relying on the Internet of Things to intelligently control lighting, ventilation, irrigation and so on. “Each cherry tomato can grow up to 12 meters long and can produce 40 kilograms of cherry tomatoes per square meter.” Liu Feng, who is responsible for the production of greenhouses, introduces the current state-of-the-art cherry tomato cultivation, which has a high yield per square meter. It is 20-25 kg, and the Netherlands can reach 75-80 kg.
"In contrast to the current domestic medium cultivation, most of the base materials are not planted. We use a little bit of soil. The rock wool cultivation system is used. The medium has high purity and low probability of carrying bacteria." Liu Feng said that the greenhouse is completely closed. Although it is located in an agricultural park, it does not cause cross-contamination with surrounding soil, air, water, etc. Before entering the shed, Liu Feng specially guided the reporter to go through the disinfection pad first, disinfect the soles, and then put on the white coat.
The glass greenhouse was opened in September 2014 and was completed in August last year. The cherry tomatoes that were cultivated in January this year have been harvested in March. Walking into the greenhouse, the reporter saw fruitful results on the vines. Under the armpit observation, it can be seen that a white slender irrigation pipe is inserted into the culture medium of each cherry tomato. The IoT system of the fully automated intelligent control greenhouse will intelligently calculate when the plant needs to “drink” and “eat” Nutrients", once needed, irrigation water and nutrients flow into the medium through this thin tube. “Irrigation water must be purified into pure water through the purification system before it can enter the irrigation system.” Liu Feng said that all the tomatoes in the greenhouse are “drinking” pure water, and the whole planting process is purified all the way. The type is uniform, the coloration is uniform, the hardness is moderate, and the taste is sand. "It is the taste of the tomato we eat when we were young."
“After each plant is planted, it can be harvested for 8 months a year.” Liu Feng said that after each plant grows to 3 strings of cherry tomatoes, it begins to split, so that it is divided into two, two and four, each stem can be long. It is 12 meters long and can pick 60 bunches of cherry tomatoes. Next, as the planting technology matures, the output per square metre will increase. This non-GMO cherry tomato imported from the Netherlands is planted in the Netherlands with similar technology and equipment, and the output per square meter is currently doubled.
In Ruidao, in addition to the "foreign equipment" and "foreign technology" on the tall, there is also a "foreign expert" full guidance, he is the technical expert in the Netherlands with 30 years of tomato production and cultivation experience. Under his guidance, Ruidao imported bumblebee from Belgium, pollinated naturally in the greenhouse, and then assisted pollinator artificial pollination. The whole pollination process did not use chemicals, no hormone treatment, so that the grown cherry seeds were full and fleshy red. Juicy. “We just got the China Good Agricultural Practice Certification (GAP certification), which is widely recognized in the world. The cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse can be eaten directly.”
(Original title: Dutch agricultural planting technology settled in Bagua)

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