·In 2017, Changchun will eliminate all yellow-label vehicles

Strictly implement new car registration, vehicle emission standards for exhaust emissions, strictly control motor vehicle exhaust gas detection and mobile source supervision, strictly limit the “Yellow Label Vehicle” and promote the use of new energy vehicles. Changchun City adopts comprehensive measures to enhance vehicle exhaust emissions. Management, and effectively improve the city's ambient air quality.
Changchun City will implement the national four emission standards for new registration and foreign exchange transfer vehicles, and will not be registered or transferred to vehicles that do not meet the national four emission standards. By the end of 2015, the operating yellow label car registered before the end of 2005 will be phased out. By 2017, the city-wide yellow label vehicle will be basically eliminated.
Changchun City fully implements the simultaneous management of environmental protection inspection and safety technology inspection of motor vehicles in use. The environmental protection department and the public security traffic management department form a joint law enforcement team. From March to October each year, the road checkpoints are randomly set up. For vehicles driving in the urban area, the environmental protection inspection marks are collected and pasted, and the “black smoke” is detected and investigated. vehicle. For those "black smoke" vehicles that have not been applied for, have not been pasted with environmentally-friendly marks and exceeded the standards, once discovered, they will be punished according to law.
Changchun City will vigorously develop public transportation, implement the “public transit priority” strategy, increase the proportion of public transportation, and strengthen the construction of walking and bicycle transportation systems. Promote the use of new energy vehicles, requiring government agencies, institutions and public institutions such as public transportation and sanitation to take the lead in using new energy vehicles. Among the official, public transport and sanitation vehicles added or updated each year, the proportion of new energy vehicles is not less than 30%. At the same time, accelerate the construction of related supporting infrastructure such as natural gas filling stations and electric vehicle charging stations to meet the development needs of new energy and clean energy vehicles. We will build a new energy vehicle after-sales service system and promote the wide application of new energy vehicles.

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