In 2015, the LED lighting market will reach 157.2 billion yuan.

In 2015, the global lighting market will reach 82.1 billion US dollars (about 502.158 billion yuan). Among them, the LED lighting market will reach 25.7 billion US dollars (about 157.161 billion yuan), driven by the emerging market. Market penetration rate is 31. LED inside research associate Wu Yingjie said that with the regional observation 2015 global LED lighting market scale, the European region has a market size of 23, although it has not seen large-scale subsidy policy, but its high electricity price and light culture The difference has led to an increase in demand for LEDs in the commercial lighting and outdoor architectural lighting markets. The Chinese market has a market share of 21, and China is a country of lighting products. With cost advantages and a complete supply chain, market competition is more intense than other markets, regardless of brand manufacturers, foundries, or emerging lighting. Vendors and packaging manufacturers, in addition to significantly increasing the penetration ratio of LED lighting, the development of sales channels is the main development project this year. Looking forward to 2015, thanks to the steady growth of demand in the lighting market, the Chinese lighting market will continue to improve both domestic and overseas. However, the price of the product is affected by the numerous suppliers, and the price competition is intensifying. If the channel is not continuously developed, it will eventually face the crisis of exiting the market.

It is used primarily for small-scale compaction work, such as pavements, cycle paths, small roads and small parking areas, and places that need compaction but are difficult to reach with a large roller.

Ride on Vibratory Road Roller

FURD ride on Vibratory Road Roller features:

-Articulated movement with power-assist provides accurate, positive steering control and increases maneuverability in confined job sites;

-Adopts full hydraulic transmission, infinitely variable speed, double drums hydraulic driving, it`s hydraulic vibration Asphalt Roller, flexible and easy to operate;

-Compact design structure, can worked at narrow area;

Ride-on Road Roller

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