In 2014, the global high-brightness LED output value will exceed 12.7 billion US dollars

According to DIGITIMESResearch, the annual growth rate of global high-brightness LED output value will be 12.9 in 2014, reaching 12.74 billion US dollars. The application products that drive the growth of the industry are LED lighting, tablet PCs, mobile devices, vehicles, etc. In terms of number, the annual growth rate will be 64.2, 36.8, 9.2, 9.8.
In contrast, large-size backlight applications are attenuated. If the number of LED components is used, the annual reduction rate of notebook computers (NB), monitors, and TVs in 2014 will be 6.7, 10.1, and 3.8, respectively. TV backlight application due to the high penetration rate of LEDTV in 2013, limited growth in 2014, coupled with the increase in the proportion of direct-lit LEDTV with less LED backlight, etc., led to the attenuation of LED usage, although 4KLEDTV can drive the backlight source The number increase, but because the aircraft accounted for the overall TV weight will still be low, so the overall LEDTV backlight usage in terms of the number, will still show attenuation.
In the global LED lighting market, it is estimated that the market size will reach 25.82 billion U.S. dollars in 2014, and the penetration rate will be 23.4. The main reason is that LED bulbs, lamps and spotlights will increase in volume, but the price will be As a result of the development of parity, the annual growth rate of LED lighting output will be 38. If the LED components are used in lighting products, the proportion of bulbs will be the highest in 2014, up to 36.8, followed by lamps and spotlights. Will be 33.4, 23.3.
With the launch of Samsung's new series of 9 LED TVs in the 6000/7000/8000 series, Sharp also listed three products of the LE700A, which are mainly LEDs. The Sony ZX1 series is smashed with its 9.9mm ultra-thin. people's attention. A time of the LED TV has become a topic of recent industry in addition to black LCD panel prices the most talked about, like every new product secular, these LED TVs are valuable.
More expensive than ordinary LCD TVs nearly doubled expensive LED LED been criticized most attractive of its ultra-thin body, in addition to the Sony ZX1 less than 1 cm, Samsung's new listings this year 6000/7000/8000 series have extreme ultra-thin body, the thinnest only 2.99 cm. Compared to normal LCD TV of about 7,8 cm tall worthy eye-catching, however, these LED TVs in addition to Hisense TLM42T08GP, other quotes were about 10,003 yuan, even the 40-inch Samsung UA40B7000WF are 10006 About a thousand dollars.
Currently on the market mainstream LED LCD TVs offer brand model specifications offer Sony KLV-40ZX140 inch 26,999 yuan Samsung UA46B7000WF46 inch 17,999 yuan Samsung UA46B6000VF46 inch 18,500 yuan Samsung UA46B8000VF46 inch 24,888 yuan Samsung UA40B6000VF40 inch 14,999 yuan Samsung UA40B7000WF40 inch 16,499 yuan Samsung UA55B8000VF55 inch 33,888 yuan Sharp LCD-65XS1A65 inch 129000 yuan Sharp LCD-52XS1A52 inch 99990 yuan Hisense TLM42T08GP42 inch 9588 yuan Skyworth 55LED0955 inch 16500 yuan from the above quotation table can be seen Samsung is the main force of LED, a total of 6 LED TVs are sold in the market, and 46 inches is the main force of Samsung LED, 40/46 inches is the mainstream specification of the entire LED TV, quoted from 9858 to 24888 yuan. The average LCD TV, 40/42 inch domestic machine offer is concentrated around 6,7 thousand yuan, the new machine is concentrated around 7,000 yuan, TCL's new 42-inch P10 offer is 7640 yuan this year, the joint venture like the Samsung 650 series The 40-inch LA40A650A1F is priced at $8,900. 46-inch full HD LCD domestic quotation is more than 7,8 thousand, if it is foreign capital nearly 10,000 yuan.

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