How to choose the correct lightning protection device?

How to achieve the correct selection of lightning protection device? I believe most people have this trouble. Nowadays lightning activity is frequent and it is important to choose a suitable lightning protection device. If the choice is not good, it will lead to trouble.

First, the selection of power lightning protection device 1, see the maximum continuous operating voltage The stability of the power supply SPD operation depends on the maximum continuous operating voltage value of the SPD, it is an important parameter related to the power SPD operation, in the choice of power supply When a surge protector is used, its maximum continuous operating voltage must not only meet the relevant standards, but also take into account the normal fluctuations that may occur in the power grid and the highest possible fault voltage that may occur.

2. Residual pressure selection The residual voltage of the power surge protector is not as low as possible. For varistor power supply surge arresters, the lower residual voltage usually means that the maximum continuous operating voltage is reduced. As a consequence, the lightning protection device may be damaged due to prolonged overvoltage.

3. Selection of alarm function It is very necessary to install a lightning protection device with alarm function. It can monitor the operation of the power supply lightning protection device. Once a damage situation occurs, the alarm device will be activated to achieve real-time monitoring. Know and replace the damaged SPD.

Second, the signal lightning protection device selection In the choice of signal lightning protection device, we must first understand the application of the occasion, in which the signal lightning protection many types, widely used, different places can apply different signal lightning protection devices, These include: telephone signals, network signals, video signals, analog signals, digital signals, control signals, combined signals, etc. Here, we need to pay attention to, some electronic products, both need power supply, but also need to transmit data, etc. It is very troublesome to install lightning protectors for every line. At this time, two-in-one lightning arrester or three-in-one lightning arrester can be used. This is convenient and also saves a lot of them. The trouble is safe and time saving.

Finally, when selecting the lightning arrester, we must also pay attention to whether the lightning protection products are recorded in the lightning protection center. Only the lightning protection products approved by the inspection department can be purchased. For non-recorded products that are not produced according to the law, do not purchase them. Kejia Electric reminded that to purchase lightning protection devices, we must choose products with brand protection to ensure safe use.

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