·Guangxi rubber industry technology innovation strategic alliance construction project successfully passed the acceptance

In December 2013, the Guangxi Rubber Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Construction Project, which was undertaken by Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory, passed the acceptance test and became the first special project of Guangxi Innovation Plan that passed the acceptance test.
The project was the first batch of Guangxi Innovation Project special projects, which was approved in June 2012. Through the implementation of the project, the CAE laboratory and prototype test base were built; 14 new products such as high-performance hydraulic vulcanizer, giant tire molding machine and open hydraulic vulcanizer were successfully developed; 6 new technologies and 15 new technologies were introduced; 51 patents were applied for (including 13 invention patents); the newly added output value was 104.93 million yuan, the profit and tax was 8.4 million yuan, and the export earned 6.93 million US dollars.
As the first batch of innovation projects in Guangxi, the company has carried out its work in strict accordance with the planned tasks and schedules during the project implementation process, and has achieved good results in various aspects such as technology platforms, talent teams, new products, new processes, software, and invention patents. The results have enhanced the innovation capability of Guangxi rubber machinery industry and promoted the innovation and development of the industry.

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