GAC New Energy Layout: Joint Venture BYD Attack Bus

GAC Group and BYD cooperated with BYD in the field of new energy vehicles and also consciously avoided the competition in the new energy field. Both parties jointly invested in the establishment of Guangzhou GAC BYD New Energy Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GAC BYD) and will focus on new Guangzhou. The energy bus market, while Guangqi Chuanqi under the GAC Group is making efforts to make use of new energy vehicles.

On August 5, 2014, BYD issued an announcement that the board of directors of the company reviewed and approved the "Proposal on GAC BYD New Energy Bus Construction Project" and agreed that BYD and Guangzhou Automobile Group signed the "New Energy Bus Construction Project Shareholders Agreement". GAC BYD, registered capital of 300 million yuan.

BYD and GAC Group injected capital in installments of 51% and 49%, respectively. The initial capital contribution was 120 million yuan. The two parties used capital to provide capital for the construction of the project and other related work. The second phase of BYD With cash injection, GAC Group will inject capital in the equity and cash method of its Guangzhou Auto Group Passenger Car Co., Ltd.

The reporter learned from the insiders of GAC Group on August 5th, 2014 that the newly established GAC BYD and GAC Chuanqi have differences in the new energy products. Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi mainly researches and produces new energy passenger vehicles, while GAC BYD mainly The production of new energy commercial vehicles can therefore avoid competition in the local market in Guangzhou.

As one of the “four small” auto groups, GAC Group has passed its own brand name in recent years to continuously increase its research and development efforts in new energy vehicles, following the introduction of E-JET extended range electric concept car, Chuanqi GS5 pure electric vehicle and After participating in the auto show with three new energy models such as the “AWD” hybrid model, in October 2014, it plans to test 800 units of extended-range electric vehicles in Guangzhou and 5,000 vehicles will be ready for operation next year.

At the same time that Guangzhou Auto Transmission Co., Ltd. was preparing to instigate new energy markets, GAC Group and BYD, a leading domestic new energy company, had cooperated in hand and was absolutely controlled by BYD. With the help of new energy policies, BYD has made outstanding achievements in new energy vehicles this year. According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to June 2014, BYD sold 7567 new energy vehicles, ranking first among its peers.

BYD Chairman and President Wang Chuanfu said: "BYD has mature technologies in new energy vehicles and is in cooperation with GAC Group in strategic cooperation in the field of new energy buses, further reducing product costs, enriching product sequences, and upgrading new products in Guangdong Province. The scale of the energy automotive industry is of great significance in achieving complementary advantages and resource sharing."

At present, BYD is accelerating the pace of “investment for markets” to expand the local new energy vehicle market. Following the signing of the new energy auto industry cooperation framework agreement with Dalian in February of this year, it again broke through Guangzhou and Hangzhou in April. In August 2014, an investment agreement was signed between Guangzhou People's Government, Guangzhou Automobile Group and BYD. According to the agreement, Guangzhou Automobile Group and BYD will build a “Guangzhou BYD new energy bus headquarters, export base and R&D center” project in Conghua Pearl Industrial Park, and vigorously develop new energy vehicles and related technologies to develop and produce pure electric passenger cars and hybrid buses. , traditional business CMB and key components products. In addition to satisfying local use, the cooperation between the two sides will also be oriented toward overseas markets, opening up the export business of new energy buses and creating a broader market space.

Zhang Fangyou, chairman of GAC Group, stated at the signing ceremony that according to the relevant plans of Guangzhou, by the end of 2015, the total number of new energy vehicles in Guangzhou will be promoted to reach 10,000 units, among which 2,000 buses will be promoted. .

Will the opening of the gate of Guangzhou headquarters and BYD joint ventures lead the wolf into the room and eat the new energy vehicle market of Guangzhou Automobile Group? The insiders of GAC Group said in an interview with this reporter that from the agreement it can be seen that the scope of cooperation is in the commercial vehicle sector. Both parties have demands in this area. GAC Group has not been expanding in the commercial vehicle market. BYD, which has the advantages of technology and other advantages in new energy buses, can work together to enlarge the cake in the new energy commercial vehicle market, and on the other hand, it will not erode the future market of new energy passenger vehicles by GAC.

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