Frequent turning of oil tanker turning in accidents on turning roads

When turning a tanker car to a corner, the tanker must accurately determine the corners and curvature of the curve so as to be able to use the driving speed and the driving position in an appropriate manner so as to safely navigate the curve. . Turning road sections are the locations where traffic accidents occur frequently. What should you watch out for when tankers drive into corners?

When the tanker is driving to some sections where there are many corners and narrow roads, the most important thing is to control the speed and change the gears in time. Before the vehicle is driving to the curve, it should be in accordance with the condition of the lower curve, at the same time lift the accelerator pedal and foot brake to brake, and then need to be selected in a more appropriate gear and speed (normal conditions All are used to resist, and need to be selected in a more appropriate driving route and location.

When the vehicle makes a turn, it generates a relatively large centrifugal force, and can shift the vehicle from the direction of the outer ring. In this case, the smoothness of the tanker driving is directly affected, and even more serious accidents may occur when the vehicle rolls over. Therefore, the correct operation is based on the radius of curvature of the curve and the speed of the vehicle. When the vehicle enters the curve, the accelerator pedal should be relaxed to allow the tanker to run more smoothly.

The tanker cannot slow down and accelerate when driving to a bend. This can cause traffic accidents. Because it is absolutely possible for a vehicle with a precursor to cause understeering when crossing corners more quickly, and it is easier for rear-wheel drive vehicles to cause oversteer. This will change the rules of the vehicle. At the same time, the emergency braking in the corners is likely to lock the car in a deadlock. In this case, the control of the steering and the status of turning and tail flicking will be lost.

Before the tanker has entered the corner, he should first depress the brake pedal to slowly decelerate the vehicle. If the curve into the tanker is relatively large, then it should be further decelerated, if necessary. You can lower the gear. After entering the corner at a low speed, the line for turning can be selected and the direction can be corrected, and the corner can be turned out at an accelerated speed. Then, for those models that use manual transmission, when the vehicle enters a corner, it is necessary to avoid the operation of shifting, because when the driver controls the steering wheel while one hand is shifting, It is also likely to cause the accident.

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Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Technical Specifications:

  1. High quality SUS304 stainless steel
  2. Overpressure auto-discharging at 0.145-0.165Mpa
  3. The highest working temperature: 126'c-129'c
  4. Dual scale numerical pressure gage indicate temperature and pressure

  5. Operating easy, security and reliable

  6. Dual heating system of coal or gas and electric

  7. Dimension of sterilizing chamber: dia280*h243/383mm

Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Stamping Mould Processing:





Radial Drill: 6 PCS

Sawing machine: 2 PCS

Griding machine: 5 PCS

Milling machine: 4 PCS

Bending drill: 5 PCS

Lathe: 2PCS

Tapping center: 1 PCS

Plate shears: 2 PCS

Punch: 3 PCS

Hydraulic machine: 10 PCS

Stainless steel dental autoclave Sterilizer mould press machine

Blanking stainless steel metal sheet in a certain shape as per product dimension, then drawing the stainless steel metal sheet to the requested shape, annealing process must be applied during this process, then sizing die must be used to keep it in good shape, shearing stainless steel dental autoclave sterilizer product, punching holes requested on the drawings and welding process is also used, the last procudure is doing surface treatment for stainless steel dental autoclave sterilizer product. Surface treatment is including polishing processing and electrolytic process etc. as per your technical requirements.

Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer


Q1: Does Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer support customization?

A1: Yes, we welcome you to order customized Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer, please send us with your drawings ( 2D or 3D ).

Q2: How do you ship the products?

A2: As per initial quotation discussed whether by FOB incoterms or CIF incoterms, by air or by sea according to your requirements.

Q3: What is the warranty for the product?

A3: Normally 2 years is our warranty, if you request more, we may discuss it together.

Medical Instruments Stamping Moulds

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