Foliar Humidity Sensor Analysis of Changes of Photosynthetic Rate in Taizi Radix

At present, there are many reports on the distribution, resource characteristics, chemical composition, pharmacological effects, cultivation management, and disease prevention and control of heterophylla in China. However, studies on its photosynthetic characteristics have not been reported yet. It is difficult to meet the current situation. Taizi Shen cultivation and cultivation management needs. The leaf surface humidity sensor can effectively monitor the humidity of the leaf surface and provide a helping group for plant growth.

The trend curve of light intensity measured in the study was single-peak and the peak time was 11:00. The trends of temperature and air humidity curves are opposite. The temperature is high and the air humidity is low. However, the change trend of CO2 concentration in the leaf chamber is the same as that of air humidity. These complex changes in ecological factors and the changes in the photosynthetic rate of heterophylla are not the same. This shows that the photosynthetic rate is also related to the soil moisture status of the test site and the chlorophyll content of the Taizishen itself. That is to say, the diurnal variation of the plant photosynthesis is the combined effect of the weather conditions of the day and the physiological and biochemical indicators of the plant itself.

The leaf surface moisture sensor measured and analyzed the leaf surface and found that the photosynthetic rate had feedback regulation on the stomatal conductance, and the stomatal conductance was increased when it was conducive to the photosynthesis of mesophyll cells. When the photosynthetic apparatus was not conducive to photosynthesis, the stomatal conductance decreased. The changes in photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance, transpiration rate, and stomatal conductance measured in this study were consistent, and all had significant positive correlations, indicating that the photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate depended to a large extent. Stoma activity status. That is, the results of this study are consistent with the reports in the literature.

Through the measurement of the leaf surface humidity sensor, the photosynthetic rate in the whole growth period of Taizi ginseng entered a trough in June, while in the early period, the photosynthetic rate of the heterophylla radix was maintained at a high level. It shows that Taizishen planting management, in the cultivation of heterophylla as far as possible fertile land, one-time foot base fertilizer, in order to make full use of the whole growth of heterophylla photosynthetic characteristics, increase the assimilation and increase production.

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