First Navistar Truck with Cummins ISX15 Engine Off the Line

Recently, the first Navistar Prostar+ with the Cummins ISX15 engine was officially debuted at its plant in Mexico. This means that all heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers in North America have started using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust aftertreatment technology.

Troy Clarke, president and chief operating officer of Navistar Corporation, said in an interview that for Navistar, this is a great milestone and this is our first Class 8 truck based on SCR technology. This is based on the success of the entire team's efforts and proves our progress.

Navistar said that it has received orders for more than 1,000 Prostar ISX15 engines. In March 2013, Navistar's MaxxForce 13+ engine will use Cummins SCR technology for trial production.

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