Fired "Chill" Cold Dragon oil sales hot

At 12 o'clock on the night of November 15, 2012, Li Long, a dealer of Longxi City in Heilongjiang, was awakened by a rush of mobile phone ring tones. “Mr. Li? We have special oil in the cold area and are out of stock! See if you can hurry up and send a batch later!"

Since November, with successive strong snowfalls sweeping across the northeast, the boom in private oil sales in the Longxu cold region has continued to soar. Such a scenario is already commonplace for Manager Li, or it is the phone that was called in the middle of the night. Wake up, or just deliver until midnight before falling asleep.

The special oil for cold regions introduced by Long Hao this year has historically solved the “roasting car” problem that has long plagued the North drivers. Its hot sales situation has greatly exceeded market expectations. Since the beginning of November, there has been a shortage of supply at many terminal outlets. The situation. This week, the lowest temperature in many markets in Northeast China has dropped to -20 degrees Celsius, which undoubtedly added a fire to the sale of special oil in the cold region. The excellent quality coupled with the season's peak season has made special oils in the cold regions appear one after another in the market.

Although Mr. Li was too busy, he still said with excitement: “In 2012, due to the use of special oil for the cold regions, the sales of the entire line of Longxi products have soared by several percent, both during the day and at night. There was a phone call to urge the oil in the cold area. Whatever the case, how much time would it take to seize the time?"

Not only in the Heilongjiang market, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other places have all started the “chills”, and the sales of special oil in the cold area are in full swing, making dealers in many places busy and happy.

The shouting “Chill” at the same time also made the staff of the Dragonfly Customer Service Department busy. They were constantly overwhelmed by order calls, and Long Hao was keeping up with the needs of the market, ordering the cold area in an orderly manner. The shipment of oil, and strive to make more truck drivers can use the winter before the end of the year without the "roasting car" special cold oil for the cold zone.

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