Effect of germination bed on the germination rate of sugar beet seeds using seed germination box

In order to increase the seed germination rate, the use technology of the germination bed is continuously promoted. In order to be able to analyze the germination rate of the sugar beet seeds, and the germination rate of different types of germination beds is used, the normal mature sugar beet seeds are selected for research and analysis. The sandy soil was made of fine sand. After high temperature sterilization, the germination paper was selected from the sugar beet seeding company's special sugar beet sprouting paper, taking the paper as the control. The germination test was conducted using a seed germination box and the temperature was controlled at 20 to 25°C.

For each test variety 400 seeds were taken from the sample after the analysis of the seed clarity, and 4 replicates. The selected seeds are processed and mixed. Using a plastic seed germination box, sow the seeds evenly on a smooth layer of wet sand, cover with a layer of sand, and pour the water thoroughly. When using germination paper, put two seeds in each pleat with uniform spacing. The position of the seeds between the adjacent folds should be staggered. Use a quantitative sprayer to spray 25 to 30 ml of distilled water evenly on the germination medicine, cover the lid tightly; use a filter paper to have a uniform spacing for each seed, spray water should be appropriate, daily To check the seed germination box temperature and humidity conditions, appropriate water spray, the first day of observation of buds, 14 days into a seedling. According to the test results calculated seed germination rate.

Through the germination test of different germination beds in the same seed germination box, the same variety, different years, and different germination beds can be concluded. Under the same germination conditions, the germination rate of the sand bed is the highest, followed by To germinate the paper bed and filter paper bed again, the trend is consistent, indicating that the test results are more accurate. The sand bed as a beet seed test has a high germination rate and accurately reflects the seed germination ability, because the sand bed germinates relatively close to the soil, the seeds absorb water evenly, and the moisture retention is good, and the permeability is also very good, which can meet the requirements for the beet seed to germinate. , is a more accurate method of approaching agricultural production.

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