Ecological Civilization International Forum focuses on green traffic

Ecological Civilization International Forum focuses on green traffic

On July 11th, the "Green Traffic Low-Carbon City" sub-forum, one of the key contents of the annual conference of the Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization, will be held in Guiyang. This sub-forum aims to promote green transportation and build low-carbon cities, and aims to build a platform for exchanges and discussions between governments, research institutes, and enterprises.

The “Green Transportation and Low-Carbon Cities” forum will be based on the themes of the future development of world urban transport, strategic transformation of urban transport in China, green mobility in cities, and sustainable mobility management. It will focus on green and low-carbon integrated transportation systems and public transport to lead urban development. The development of public transport infrastructure, the regulation of cars under the background of new urbanization, and other issues of focus have been discussed. The industry generally believes that the realization of green transport development and strategic transformation of urban transport is a huge social systems project. It requires governments at all levels to formulate and implement reasonable plans and policies and measures to promote the sustainable development of urbanization under the new strategic thinking. Development, speed up the development of green traffic.

It is reported that this sub-forum will issue a "practical green transport development concept and turn green travel into an era fashion" initiative in the sub-forum, hoping to build a green travel system and enhance the attractiveness of green transport through the joint efforts of the whole society.

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