Dongli District Wuyi Ecological Park introduces fruit dryer equipment

Today, the reporter learned from the Wuli Ecological Park in Dongli District that the newly-introduced fruit dryer equipment in the park will deep-process the fruit produced in the park and introduce a small-package gift box, which will increase the income of the farmers.

The Dongxiang District Wusong Ecological Garden, which was introduced from the Wuyi Ecological Garden, was grafted with wild grapevines. It smells like a touch of jasmine. The grapes taste well and they have no nucleus. They are welcomed by farmers and citizens. After three years of cultivation and management, one-year-old ripening grapes have been successfully cultivated twice a year and the yield is very high. As a result, the grape market has become a problem. The Wuzi Ecological Park section Wen said: “This year our park has two varieties, one is Jinxiang jade and the other is rose fragrance, because after three years of good planting and management, this year the grape will be The big harvest, coupled with the fact that there are many grapes in the market this year, the pressure of sales is relatively large, we all think about deep processing, let it sell better, the price will increase a bit, and reduce losses."

Wulan Ecological Park has introduced a fruit dryer. It uses the food base to sell the rest of the grapes with the food base and dilutes the water. The wax film on the surface of the grapes is cleaned. After the grapes are basically dried, they are put into the oven and baked for 48 hours. Formed, Zhang Deqiang, raisin production technician, said that the oven temperature control is also very particular about: "Our temperature is basically gradual, because the grape from the room temperature into the oven must have a transformation process, we set the temperature Basically, the first step is 45 degrees Celsius, the second phase is set to 55 degrees Celsius, and the last phase is set to between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius, so that he slowly heats up gradually, and he can't be allowed to go up to 70 degrees Celsius."

Roasted raisins can be bagged and sold after one or two days of rejuvenation. Duan Wen says that since the grapes used are all grown in the park, they are more reliable in processing, especially the specialty Jinxiangyu grapes have no core and eaten. It is particularly sweet and delicious: “The raisins are divided into three varieties after processing: one is rose and the other is scented, but Jinxiangyu has added sugar and unsweetened, so this has formed three types. It is mainly in the form of a gift box. There are eight sachets in a large bag. The big bag is forty dollars. It is like a snack. It will not be wasted. A small bag and a small bag can be eaten after being opened. Like a big bag, it can't be eaten. It's broken."

At the same time, the park will also process the black garlic and okra to be processed into separate small packages, which will be sold together with raisins to form a special gift box for self-producing and sales of the park, which will increase the income of the farmers.

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Material requirements for exterior parts
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Heat resistance: Due to the low ambient temperature, the standard heat resistance level can meet the requirements;
Low temperature resistance: the material is required to have a certain low temperature resistance to prevent the components from cracking in the low temperature environment in winter;
Chemical resistance: to prevent the erosion of oil and acid rain;
Scratch resistance: The material is required to have a certain surface hardness and a low coefficient of friction to prevent scratches.
Material requirements for interior parts
Heat resistance: Due to long-term sunlight in summer, the temperature in the cabin is relatively high, and the interior materials are required to have high heat resistance;
Aging resistance: including thermal oxidative aging and light aging, to prevent aging, discoloration and deterioration of components;
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