Dongfeng Automobile Joins Up Ningde Times for New Energy Resources

The trend of developing new energy electric vehicles has become the consensus of the industry, but different car companies with different strengths and technological reserves have chosen different ways of development. Especially for the core technology field of power batteries, some have chosen to develop their own, for example, BYD; some choose joint ventures to develop, such as JAC Volkswagen, Great Wall BMW.

The selection of Dongfeng Motor Group, which has established a leading edge in the field of electric logistics vehicles, is the capital leader in the power battery industry to realize its first-mover advantage in the development of new energy electric vehicles.

Since Dongfeng Motor Group and the Ningde Times signed a strategic framework agreement at the end of last year, Liu Weidong, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Group, publicly stated: “We recently held the Ningde era and talked about a new battery company at the same time. The matching part, we must do it ourselves."

Regarding comments made by Dongfeng Motor, an insider of the Ningde Times stated that our core area is the R&D of power batteries. Before that (with Dongfeng Motor), the models that have already been listed have been listed. However, there are currently no details on how to strengthen cooperation with Dongfeng Motor.

Some industry analysts believe that for Dongfeng Motor, which has the largest number of joint ventures, the cost of self-developed power battery technology is too high, and the risk of re-joint ventures is not low, plus the technical dividend obtained after the successful shareholding of PSA, and shareholding power batteries. Industry giants have become a priority for Dongfeng Motor.

Dongfeng and Ningde era deepen cooperation

Dongfeng Motor has scale advantages in commercial electric logistics vehicles, but the competition in the field of new energy electric vehicles has long been fierce. Various multinational car companies have invested in them. The world's top 9 multinational automobile groups have proposed new in China this year. In addition to Toyota's focus on its hydrogen fuels for many years of research and development, the energy strategy plan is still focused on electric vehicles.

The third joint venture between Volkswagen and JAC, the new joint venture between BMW and Great Wall will also carry out cooperation in the field of new energy.

The news that multinational car companies frequently reinforce the layout of the electric vehicles in Huaxin Energy is obvious. The competition in the next stage of the automobile industry is likely to be carried out in the field of new energy electric vehicles.

Some analysts pointed out that self-owned brands can now compete with joint ventures and multinational car companies, relying on their first-mover advantage in the SUV market, multinational auto groups have also seen their own strategic mistakes, and therefore stepped up competition in the next stage. Layout during the transition.

Grab resources seems to be a label for this year's new energy industry.

Before Dongfeng Motor announced its shareholding in the Ningde era, various domestic auto companies also accelerated the layout of new energy-powered batteries and competition for resources.

In May of this year, SAIC Motor Corporation has already established two new energy companies through its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Automotive Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Ningde Times: SAIC Power Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC-Times Battery Systems Co., Ltd.

At the end of August, BYD announced that it will jointly establish three-element cathode materials for Guoxuan Hi-tech, marking BYD's formal entry into the ternary lithium battery field; at the end of September, Great Wall Motors announced the acquisition of shares in the Australian Lithium Mine, following the announcement of the “double-integration” policy implementation timetable. , trying to build base for its short-board new energy.

Therefore, in this context, Dongfeng Motor announced that its momentum in the field of new energy electric vehicles is understandable. Each car company hopes to grasp the core industrial chain of electric vehicles in their own hands.

In fact, Dongfeng Motor and the Ningde Times had already had an intersection. As early as the end of last year, Dongfeng Automobile signed a strategic framework agreement with Ningde. The agreement stipulates that the two parties will jointly build a cooperation platform in the field of new energy auto industry and form a cooperation situation of mutual support, complementary advantages and mutual benefit.

Dongfeng Motor has paid great attention to the cooperation with the Ningde Times. Dongfeng Motors Chairman and Party Secretary Yan Yanfeng personally met with Zeng Yiqun, founder of the Ningde Times; Dongfeng General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li Shaoduan; Dong Wei Company Deputy General Manager Liu Weidong attended the contract. ceremony.

Liu Weidong explained why the company chose to invest in power battery companies. From the perspective of the industry, the pressure on new energy sources currently facing any automobile factory is very large. "Dongfeng insists on leading technology and focuses on the mastery of key technologies and core resources. By the end of this year, Dongfeng will also invest 10 billion yuan in battery, motor and electronic control."

Dongfeng's new energy layout

According to statistics of overseas passenger vehicle sales of new energy vehicles in August, overseas sales of new energy vehicles totaled 103,000 in August, an increase of 64% year-on-year. From January to August, the cumulative global sales volume was 651,000, an increase of 47% year-on-year. In the sales list TOP10, there are six models from China's auto brands, Dongfeng Motor New Energy is concentrated in commercial logistics vehicles, so it is not on the list.

In the first eight months of this year, Dongfeng Motor Company sold 28,200 new energy vehicles, which was a year-on-year increase of 127.25%, which was significantly higher than the sales growth of 30.2% of new energy vehicles across the country. The industry expects annual sales of Dongfeng New Energy to exceed 40,000 this year. Vehicle.

According to statistics, Dongfeng Motor Group is one of the earliest companies engaged in research and development of new energy vehicles in China. After more than ten years of development, it has a complete R&D system for new energy vehicles, and has applied for more than 370 new energy technology patents and over 40 invention patents. .

As early as 2009, Dongfeng Company's "Key Technology for Energy-saving and Emission Reduction of Hybrid City Buses" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. At present, Dongfeng Motor Group is focusing on logistics vehicles in the field of new energy. At present, it has formed a new energy production capacity of 2,000 buses, 6,000 trucks, 12,000 light passengers, and 4,000 light trucks. A variety of logistics vehicles have entered the promotion catalog continuously.

It is precisely to see the potential of new energy electric vehicles, Yan Yanfeng said that during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Dongfeng will implement the “583” plan and seize market share in terms of product competitiveness, business model, market share and market size. The commanding height of new energy vehicles. In the future, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has a large demand for new energy automotive power batteries. It is hoped that both parties (in the Ningde era) will seek deeper cooperation in new energy batteries and power equipment and lay a solid foundation for Dongfeng’s “13th Five-Year” target.

Li Shaozhu also commented on the Ningde era that Ningde built a battery R&D production system from technology research to manufacturing, and possessed core technologies. The standardization of battery core upgrade technology has an unshakable position in the industry.

Ningde ranks first in the domestic market

Dongfeng Motor Group highly evaluates the Ningde era and does not originate from its potential demand for shares. Before Dongfeng Motor, many car companies already expressed their concern and favor for the Ningde era.

According to the data, the Ningde era was founded in 2011. In just 6 years, it has grown to become the No. 1 in the domestic power battery field. According to data released by the official website of Ningde City Government, in 2016, the consumer battery market in Ningde was higher than that of Samsung and LG, ranking first in the world; and BYD battery power exceeds that of BYD, ranking first in the country and second in the world, with a total supply of 6.8. GWh.

In March of this year, the subsidiary of Hon Hai Group acquired a 1.19% stake in the Ningde Times for a total investment of RMB 1 billion, which directly resulted in a valuation of RMB 84 billion in the Ningde Times.

Many large car companies favored Ningde's era and its focus in the field of power batteries. Unlike BYD and Waterma, which ranked second and third in terms of power battery, intended to cover the whole industry chain, Ningde has concentrated its efforts on the battery field. This may be the main reason why SAIC, BMW, and even the once-transmitted apple looked at the Ningde era. Even among the Changan automobile publicity discourses that just announced the new energy strategy, there are also Ningde era figures.

In fact, the Ningde era has emerged, in addition to its own strength, but also rely on policy help.

In 2016, the government set up a battery enterprise access catalogue. New energy vehicles with off-catalog batteries could not receive subsidies, and foreign battery companies were excluded. This protective policy has created the success of domestic battery companies such as the Ningde era.

Of course, policies cannot be continuously protected. This year's new policy has seen a decline in subsidies. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has stated that by 2020 at the latest, the government will release the protection of the battery market. Therefore, this may be another important reason for the Ningde era to take the initiative to contact with auto companies.

Some analysts pointed out that the full industry chain coverage as BYD, the advantage is that as long as the product sales are good, BYD's dominant advantage will be obvious, and Ningde times focus on core technology areas, so that one can work with the market in a number of companies, from the capital The angle of operation is to put eggs in multiple baskets. As long as the new energy market is still hot, the Ningde era will be invincible.

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