Diseases and Diseases Forecast Toolbox Helps Modern Agriculture Reduce Drug Control

In the past, agriculture was used extensively in agriculture, and producers and consumers had already suffered the bitterness. It also seriously damaged the credit and reputation of our country's agriculture. Therefore, in order to achieve the sustainable development of agriculture, modern agriculture is vigorously advocating drug reduction and harm reduction. Pollution-free agriculture. In the modern agricultural production, pest and disease forecasting toolbox is used to carry out statistical analysis of pests and diseases, which can effectively predict and forecast the occurrence and development of pests and diseases, and help reduce the harm and control of modern agriculture.

Diseases and Diseases Toolbox

The reduction of drug control and harm is actually to achieve a better control effect with fewer doses. To achieve this effect, the most important place is how to do "the unclear", to predict the future occurrence of pests and diseases before the peak period of pests and diseases, in the prevention and treatment of appropriate disease, to achieve accurate medication. The use of the pest forecasting toolbox to help the forecasting personnel to carry out pest monitoring and forecasting, field survey sampling and statistical analysis can further improve the practical skills of grassroots crop insect pest disease monitoring and reporting staff, and correctly carry out prediction and prediction of various pests and diseases. All types of pests and diseases are accurate and timely in the forecasting and reporting, and the "time warfare" of disease prevention and control is won.

The application of the pest forecast tool kit provides real and effective pest and disease data for the prediction of crop diseases and pests, truly reflects the actual situation of pests and diseases, and provides the relevant plant protection department with the dynamics of related crop pests and diseases, and provides important scientific pest control and prevention. in accordance with. Through scientific statistics and analysis, accurate prediction of pests and diseases, farmers' friends can use the medicines on the appropriate dates for prevention and control, thereby reducing the frequency of application and improving control effectiveness. From this we can see that the pest forecasting toolbox has played an important role in assisting modern agriculture in reducing pesticide harm.

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