Design of remote monitoring software for offshore wind turbine control system

The remote monitoring software design of the offshore wind turbine control system is designed and developed in the NET Framework environment. The BS architecture mode is adopted, and the SQL Server database is used for data storage management. The software runs on the central controller. The main completion of the software is remote communication with the on-site measurement and control unit. On the one hand, it receives the monitoring data uploaded by the on-site measurement and control unit, on the other hand, it sends various monitoring instructions to the on-site control unit, and provides the user with data query, report generation, remote operation and User management and other functions.

The central controller can connect multiple on-site monitoring and control units of the wind power infrastructure through the optical fiber, and the central controller can be connected to the Internet. The predicted value of the FCM-based distributed neural network model is compared with the actual value, and 100 sets of sample test data are based on FCM. The comparison between the predicted value of the distributed neural network model and the actual value of the molten iron temperature, and the absolute error curve of the predicted and actual values ​​of the molten iron temperature multi-model. The forecasting trend of the model is basically the same as the actual trend. Under the steady furnace condition, the model predicts a good trend. Only a few data with large fluctuations in molten iron temperature did not hit. Under other stable conditions, the hit situation was better. Overall, the distributed network model predicted better results.

This system has been applied in the prototype of the second phase of the East China Sea Wind Power Project. The prototype adopts six 2000mm steel pipe pile foundation structures, and each steel pipe pile adopts anti-corrosion protection measures including steel coating, epoxy powder coating and sacrificial anode cathodic protection. The application of network-based remote monitoring technology for cathodic protection of offshore wind turbine infrastructure helps to understand the cathodic protection parameters of the wind turbine infrastructure under unattended conditions, which plays an important role in mastering the life and safety of the infrastructure. This kind of remote monitoring technology can be extended to other engineering construction monitoring occasions, which is beneficial to reduce the labor intensity of frontline employees, improve work efficiency, save labor costs, and has certain application prospects.

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