Construction and working principle of truck mounted aerial platforms

Construction and working principle of truck mounted aerial platforms

Even if destiny is displaced, even if the destiny is twisted and bizarre, fate will intimidate you, do not shed tears, but do not give up, Xiao Bian will always be with you! The destiny is really twists and turns. After the last time he introduced the trendy electric car, he actually wanted to introduce this “tall” vehicle-mounted aerial work vehicle to the public. It was a little exciting to think of it. Closer to home, regarding the working device of a vehicle-mounted aerial work vehicle , it is composed of a plurality of parts, which mainly include a leg mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a turning mechanism, a working platform, and a leveling mechanism. Here are the four aspects to understand the working principle of the truck mounted aerial vehicle.

(1) First, it is a leg mechanism.

At present, truck-mounted aerial vehicles use hydraulic legs. The power of the automobile engine is used to drive the hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic oil produced by the hydraulic pump is supplied to the hydraulic leg working cylinder through the control valve to achieve extension and contraction of the legs. On both sides of the aerial working platform, a joystick is generally provided so that the four hydraulic legs can be independently extended or retracted, so that the body can be adjusted to the horizontal state even if it is uneven or dumping on the ground. Safe operation. Did you feel like a spiderman? . .

(2) Secondly, it is a lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism can achieve the lifting and variation of the operating platform. This feels like there is no lift! ! !

The vertical lifting type lifting mechanism can be divided into hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission according to the transmission mode, and can be divided into a cross scissor type and a sleeve type according to its structure. Sleeve type has truss type, box type or cylinder type. It can complete the lifting movement through the expansion and contraction of multi-section sleeve. The driving mode can be driven by hydraulic transmission or wire rope pulley. This vertical lifting type lifting mechanism has a limited working height and a small working range, but the working platform is large and the support is stable.

The boom-type lifting mechanism can be divided into a telescopic arm type or a straight arm type, a folding arm type or a curved arm type, a hybrid type, and the like, which is the current mainstream lifting mechanism form.

(3) Once again, to the swing mechanism, the vehicle-mounted aerial work vehicle usually adopts an all-rotary swing mechanism, and the forward and reverse directions can be selected according to the operation requirements. The rotary part of the slewing gear and the work platform are all mounted on the slewing bearing, ie the turntable. The driving device is fixed on the turntable and the lower end is equipped with a driving gear. The slewing bearing consists of a turntable and a ring gear seat fixedly connected to the frame.

(4) The last is the work platform and leveling mechanism. The end of the lift mechanism is connected to the work platform and is the basic component for manned or equipment. In order to ensure the safety of operators and prevent equipment from falling, countries have made clear requirements for the height of the guardrail, the width of the platform, the non-slip surface of the platform, and the safety belt on the platform.

In order that the bottom plane of the work platform remains horizontal during the job, with the work platform to maintain the level of auto-leveling mechanism aerial vehicles, mainly mechanical, mechanical and hydraulic combined, a combined electro-hydraulic and other categories.

In addition to these aspects, you also know what constitutes and how it works can leave a message for everyone to share. Develop good habits, read posts and leave messages, Xiaobian and the world love you. . . . (Text / Chen Guotu)

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