Compacting "All-rounder" - Bomag Multi-Purpose Compactor BMP8500

As a world-leading manufacturer of pavement equipment, Bomag has always been committed to providing quality solutions to its customers, and the Bomag multi-purpose compactors are the embodiment of this. The Borg Multi-Purpose Compactor BMP8500 is suitable for soil compaction, trench and pipeline laying, backfill compaction, foundation compaction, etc. It is especially suitable for difficult soil compaction with high flexibility and ease of operation. project.

Compacting "All-rounder" - Bomag Multi-Purpose Compactor BMP8500

Flexibility to respond to different needs

The new 1.6-ton Bomag BMP8500 is an articulated front and rear split body design. Compared with the integrated body, it has the characteristics of higher mobility and better compaction effect when working in pits or narrow spaces. The two steel wheels are equipped with independent exciters, which enable each steel wheel to output a pressure of up to 72 kN. At the same time, the output of the vibration force can be switched between the high and low amplitudes, and the two-speed walking speed, so the operator can flexibly choose among the four working modes to meet the different requirements of the various types of construction equipment output. In addition, according to the construction requirements, the Bomag BMP8500 can easily widen the width of the steel wheel from 610 mm to 850 mm.

Compacting "All-rounder" - Bomag Multi-Purpose Compactor BMP8500

The front and rear articulated body of the Bomag BMP8500 offers a high degree of maneuverability and an ideal compaction effect

Power and efficiency

The equipment is equipped with a highly reliable 3-cylinder water-cooled “Kubota” diesel engine. The engine and drive components are protected by a high-strength fuselage cover. The standard fuel-saving mode “ECOMODE” automatically adjusts the power output requirements of the equipment during operation, thereby reducing fuel consumption and extending the service life of the engine and critical transmission components.

Compacting "All-rounder" - Bomag Multi-Purpose Compactor BMP8500

Easily adjust the working width of the machine at the job site

Escort the operator

The BMP8500 is specifically designed for use in situations where the safety of the operator is compromised. Bomag's operator safety system (BOSS) provides maximum safety for the operator. The machine is equipped with an anti-jamming radio wave remote control system to ensure that the control signal can be reliably transmitted and received. In some specific cases, when the machine is located within a radius of 1 to 2 meters from the operator, the control system on the machine will automatically stop the device. For example, when the equipment is used to crush dangerous areas such as trenches, if the operator holds the remote control and the machine in the groove at the same time, the machine will automatically stop at 1-2 meters from the operator to ensure the safety of the operator.

Compacting "All-rounder" - Bomag Multi-Purpose Compactor BMP8500

BMP8500 construction in pit

The Bomag BMP8500 is the perfect choice for high quality, flexible solutions. (This article is from BOMAG)

Solar Pv Bracket Roll Forming Machine is used galvanized or PPGI as raw materials, it has light weight, hight duty, easy to operate advantages.

And it had great flexibility for commercial and residential rooftop solar systems. 

It applies common with solar panels mounted on the frame parallel inclined roof. 


Matching material Galvanized, PPGI, Aluminum
Material thickness range 1.5-2.5mm
Feeding width 300mm(can change according to buyer's request)
Roller 15-21 rollers
Material of roller 45# steel with chromed
Main motor power 22KW
Forming speed 8-15m/min
Shaft material and diameter 80mm, 45# steel with chromed
Way of driven Chain transmission or gear box
Material of blade Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment 58-62℃
Voltage 380V/3Phase/50Hz
Controlling system PLC

Working process:

working process

Decoiler - Feeding and leveling machine - Punch press - Main roll forming machine - PLC control - Hydraulic cutting - Collection table

Pictures for machine:

solar PV bracket  

PV solar bracket roll forming machine

PV solar bracket roll forming machine  

PV solar bracket roll forming machine 

PV solar bracket roll forming machine  

PV solar bracket roll forming machine

Training and Installation :
1. We offer installation service local in paid, reasonable charge. 
2. QT test is welcome and professional.
3. manual and using guide is optional if no visiting and no installation. 

Certification and after service:

1. Match the technology standard, ISO producing certification 
2. CE certification 
3. 12 months warranty since the delivery. Board. 

Our advantage:

1. Short delivery period. 
2. Effective communication 
3. Interface customized. 

Solar PV Bracket Roll Forming Machine

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