Classification of Optical Multiplexers in Security Expansion and Analysis of Their Development Prospects

With the development of the market, from the perspective of the current industry structure, the optical transceiver has just entered the mature period, but with the continuous expansion of the security industry, the optical transceiver market as a whole will continue to maintain a stable growth in the next few years.
The optical transceivers are mainly divided into analog optical transceivers and digital optical transceivers. The analog optical transceivers use PFM modulation technology to transmit image signals in real time. The transmit end first performs the PFM modulation on the analog video signal, and then performs the electro-optical conversion. After the optical signal is transmitted to the receiving end, the photoelectric conversion is performed, and then the PFM demodulation is performed to recover the video signal. At present, this optical transceiver has many deficiencies in the industry, such as:

The production and debugging are more difficult. It is more difficult for a single optical fiber to realize multi-channel image transmission and the performance will be reduced. At present, this analog optical transceiver generally can only transmit 4 channels of images on a single optical fiber.

The difference in anti-interference ability is greatly affected by environmental factors and there is temperature drift.

The stability is not high due to the use of analog modulation and demodulation technology, its stability is not high enough, with the increase in the use of time or changes in the characteristics of the environment, the performance of the optical transceiver will also change, causing some inconvenience to the use of the project.

In contrast, digital optical transceivers are leading in all aspects due to their late appearance and new technology. Such as:

Longer transmission distance: up to 80Km, even farther (120Km);

Support video lossless regeneration relay, so you can use multi-level transmission mode;

Less interference from the environment, high transmission quality;

The supported signal capacity can reach 16 routes, even more (32 routes, 64 routes).

Just as security digital technologies are slowly replacing analog technology in many areas, this is an overall trend in this area. The overall application prospects of the optical transceivers in the security field are as follows.

The development prospects of optical transceivers In the field of video surveillance, domestic optical transceivers continue to mature and improve with technology, and continue to improve in terms of functions and performance. Such as the video AGC (automatic gain control, which automatically monitors the amplitude of the input video signal, dynamically adjusts the gain so that the receiver outputs a standard 1Vp-p video signal) function. The technology upgrade is also reflected in the diversity of functions, such as providing a richer service interface, battery power failure alarm, character superposition, lightning protection, moisture protection, and equipment network management. It shows that the product is easy to apply and has advanced fault diagnosis. The system's video transmitter. The video optical transceiver technology upgrade is also reflected in the functional modular design. The main functions of the product, such as photoelectric conversion, video, data, audio and other functional modules are designed to be completely independent pluggable, and the signals involved in security are integrated into one. Optical transceivers.

Lightning protection design is also an important issue for the modern optical transceivers. Lightning protection needs to be considered on all external interfaces of the optical transceiver, not just the data interface, and all external interfaces such as video and audio and power input interfaces should also be considered. Otherwise, lightning strikes the device from the weakest link in many cases. Causes equipment damage.

In the area of ​​anti-theft alarms, optical fibers are inherently conductive and inductive. At present, a perimeter protection system based on the characteristics of optical fibers has been introduced and widely used in the world. This technology uses both fiber optics as a means of conducting transmission signals and optical fibers as front detectors. In practical applications, the fiber is embedded in the fortified floor or wall. When the intruder invades the fortified area, the fiber will automatically sense and transmit to the back end for alarm. This kind of perimeter protection method is particularly high in optical fiber signals, and it is also superior in the quality requirements of optical transceivers. This kind of perimeter protection method, compared with the traditional way of the biggest difference is highly concealed, to solve the long-standing burglar alarm system vulnerable to damage.
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