Chinese wind turbine companies actively introduce advanced technology to improve their technical level

In order to improve the level of their own technology, Chinese wind turbine enterprises actively introduce advanced technology, digest and absorb it, and pay attention to the development of diversity of technology sources. Joint research and development with foreign wind turbine companies and wind power design companies, and wind turbine manufacturing technology to China The transfer played a catalytic role. However, foreign wind turbine companies generally lack the willingness to transfer technology in order to maintain their competitive advantage in the market. Foreign wind power design companies have become important technology providers because they do not constitute a direct market competition with Chinese wind turbine companies, and the sale of design drawings can bring commercial benefits to them. At the same time, the Chinese government's policy measures are also an important force to promote the transfer of wind turbine technology to China.

Although the basic behaviors of different stakeholders are certain, under different technology transfer modes, the behavior characteristics of various stakeholders will be different due to different distribution patterns of interests. These behavioral differences can affect the effectiveness of technology transfer. Under the technology transfer mode of “foreign-owned enterprises”, foreign enterprises can obtain the greatest control over technology and impose more restrictions on technology transfer. Under the "Chinese-funded enterprise" model, Chinese wind turbine companies can have a deeper understanding of technology and develop multiple sources of technology. The degree of technical protection and the degree of technology transfer under the “Chinese-foreign joint venture model” are between the other two modes.

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