China's plastic machinery gradually towards the international level

China's plastic machinery gradually towards the international level

In recent years, China's plastics machinery industry has accelerated the development of new products and technologies by introducing and digesting foreign advanced manufacturing technologies. At the same time, it has also continuously explored the international market. One-third of the company’s products have been exported. The export volume has accounted for about 30% of domestic sales, and the export growth rate has reached 20%.

Taking the pipe equipment as an example, the first aluminum-plastic composite pipe production line was introduced in the mid-1990s. There are more than 50 manufacturers that produce this equipment within 5 years. The key technologies such as welding and compounding of aluminum pipes have been achieved. With a better solution, the integrity and advanced nature of most products have reached the international advanced level.

In the same period, the successful development of steel-plastic composite units, gas-fired PE pipe units and other advanced equipment, and resolved some key technologies, such as high-speed and high-efficiency single-screw machine suitable for medium and high density PE processing; mixing effect is good, short residence time, High-precision die without melting traces and advanced configuration, cooling, traction, cutting, thickness measurement and other configurations.

In recent years, domestic extruders have also developed towards high torque, high speed, and high efficiency, and have achieved certain results. Domestic extruders have also generally adopted advanced separating screws and slotted barrels, and the heads have generally adopted internationally popular ones. Suitable for the processing of polyolefin type basket head and plate head, programmable controller and liquid crystal display touch screen industrial computer also has mature applications.

Plastic film processing equipment using screw head manufacturing technology has become increasingly popular, superposition head has been promoted, multi-layer co-extruded film has reached 5 layers, geomembranes have adopted internal cooling technology, and the width of coextrusion cast film has reached 2 meters.

The second approach is to strengthen the development of intellectual property technologies through technological innovation. Prof. Jiang Bo from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Beijing Fengji Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. have developed grinding disc type mixing extruders. Compared with the traditional mixing equipment, they have improved the fineness and dispersion of the materials and expanded the processing materials. The range has great advantages for the processing of magnetic and nano-composite materials. Beijing Jiancheng Machinery Co., Ltd. and other developed steel-plastic composite profile extruder production line at the same time to solve the complex, foaming, co-extrusion, cutting and other key technologies. Shanghai Jinwei Extrusion Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a PET/GPET coextrusion line with a width of up to 2 meters.

The improvement of the level of plastic machinery and equipment is also reflected in the universality of the completeness of the equipment. Especially in extrusion molding, the concepts of main and auxiliary machines have been deeply entrenched for many years. Most manufacturers only provide main engines, and the ratio of main and auxiliary machines is out of balance. This situation has changed a lot. Most extruder manufacturers can now Provide a full set of extrusion lines and can even undertake turnkey projects.

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