China's first set of "integrated intelligent system equipment for drilling and workover operations on offshore platforms" passed the acceptance test

After nearly two years of research and development, design, production, commissioning and trial use, the first set of “integrated intelligent system equipment for offshore platform drilling and workover operations” signed by Qingdao Jierui Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Shengli Oilfield has recently been Shengli Oilfield successfully passed the acceptance test and was highly recognized and evaluated by relevant leaders and experts.

The system is equipped with the first domestic system equipment with complete independent intellectual property rights, intelligent and integrated column processing and operation applied to the offshore operation platform, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and realizing localization. The traditional manual operation mode of the column treatment has been changed, the work safety is enhanced, the labor intensity is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved. It has overcome a number of innovative key technologies, developed a number of new systems and equipment, and achieved a number of intellectual property achievements.

3-Way/4-Way Ball Valve

our company offers TWO and THREE way ball valves made of stainless steel. Ball Valves are available in Manual, Pneumatically Actuated, and Electrically Actuated versions. We also offer a full line of control options. Limit switches, Solenoids, and Positioners can be included with your automated valve assembly.
Durable and reliable ball valves are found throughout industrial applications and the DynaQuip Carbon Steel Ball Valves have been relied upon for superior flow control for 70 years. We offer numerous options in stock carbon steel ball valves and also have the capabilities to manufacture valves that are custom-designed to meet a specific application.

our company offers numerous options for carbon steel ball valves that meet the needs of heavy industrial applications such as hydraulic, petroleum, petrochemical, gas production, fracking, pipeline, and crude oil. Ball valves come in a variety of configurations to provide outstanding and consistent [made in the USA" dependability over many years of service.
Carbon steel Ball Valve options range from economy valves for low pressure general applications, medium pressure applications for specific industry use to high pressure ball valves that are suitable for high-pressure hydraulic applications. For applications that need to divert the flow, our 3-way or 4-way ball valves are the ideal solution. The 3-way ball valve series features an L ball pattern and is designed for high pressure applications. For high pressure hydraulic cylinder control, the 4-way ball valve series has a double L ball pattern. Both the 3-way and 4-way ball valves are suitable for use with hydraulic oils, water/oil emulsion, air, glycol and gasoline.

Carbon steel ball valves by LianJiu provide superior performance for industries such as agriculture, oil, and manufacturing which require rugged and reliable performance.

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