China's agricultural pursuit of output to improve quality and create a new situation of agricultural modernization

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] CCTV News (News Network): The source of rural reforms provides a strong impetus for the development of agriculture and rural areas. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the structural reform of China's agricultural supply side has been continuously advanced. The development of agriculture has changed from pursuing production to improving quality, creating a new situation in agricultural modernization.
Just a few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture officially announced that China will achieve the goal of zero growth in fertilizer and pesticide use by 2020 three years ahead of schedule.
This shift in the way agriculture is developed has brought more benefits to farmers. These days, the cooperative of Heilongjiang Helen is busy processing green grains, just selling this order to Quanzhou, Fujian, and the sales revenue will reach 2.6 million yuan.
In recent years, many major grain-producing areas have replaced organic fertilizers with organic fertilizers, and biological pest control has replaced traditional pesticides. These green development methods have become a new exploration for their structural reforms in the supply side of agriculture.
In view of the problem of abundant food and structural imbalance in China in recent years, the central government has started to rationalize the relationship between the government and the market. In 2016, the central government canceled the temporary corn storage and storage policy in the northeast region and implemented producer subsidies. This year, the low purchase price of rice was further lowered. Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the low purchase price of wheat in 2018, which was also lowered.
While focusing on the quality of agricultural supply, agricultural science and technology and sustainable agricultural development are also making great strides. In Hubei, smart agricultural machines such as transplanting and spraying have been put into use, and the national “plant protection full-automatic mechanization demonstration zone” is under planning. Since the beginning of this year, China has opened subsidies for deep-growing land preparation, conservation tillage and other agricultural machinery. This year, the pilot area of ​​cultivated land rotation fallow has expanded to 12 million mu, nearly double the growth.
This year, the national grain output continued to remain above 12,000 billion jin. At the same time as the food is preserved, the quality of supply is significantly improved. The agricultural situation of the Ministry of Agriculture showed that the area of ​​grain corn in non-dominant areas was reduced by 20 million mu, and the area of ​​special wheat and special rice that was in short supply in the market increased by 2.8% and 1.5% respectively.
Adhering to the quality of agriculture and green agriculture, China's agricultural supply side structural reform is steadily advancing, and it is moving toward agricultural production modernization with Chinese characteristics, such as output, product safety, resource conservation and environmental friendliness. (Original title: [China's rural development towards revitalization] China's agricultural supply side structural reforms are further advanced)

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