Changing the Economic Development Mode Private Enterprises Should Take Environmental Responsibility

The green energy consortium is the first to cooperate with Inner Mongolia and deserves high attention. Inner Mongolia has grown from a relatively closed and relatively backward autonomous region into a region that plays a decisive role in the country’s economic development. The different prominences of Inner Mongolia’s energy structure have not only changed the way in which Inner Mongolia develops, but also has had a major impact on the development of our country. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Inner Mongolia also faced a very arduous task of structural adjustment and transformation of its development mode.

The consortium of large private enterprises and Inner Mongolia, especially Ordos, is very important. The author believes that through the introduction, consumption, absorption, and independent research and development projects, the "Green Clean Energy Consortium" will also have an important impact on the world's green clean energy industry.

First of all, we must really attach importance to the clean production and use of resources. This is a global problem. We have tapped many resources, but the problem of the cleanliness of resources has never been as important as it is now. If we do not attach importance to the cleanliness of resources, our living environment will undergo tremendous changes. Therefore, many conferences in the world now regard “low-carbon” as a common problem faced by all human beings. Low-carbon life, low-carbon economy, and so on, many topics have appeared about low-carbon. While energy is indeed the largest source of carbon, the cleanliness of energy is very important.

Second, we must combine clean energy with “green” and integrate it with the environment. In addition to low carbon, we humans also face an environmental problem, such as sandstorms in recent days, which are closely related to our lives. The problem of the desert has always plagued us. If we can combine clean green energy and desert use, it is a good thing for the country and the people. This will make our consortium more meaningful. Therefore, I hope that our government and our company can jointly undertake such an arduous task, play a comprehensive advantage in the clean desertification of the desert, and achieve outstanding results.

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