Centrifuge market demand surge

The market demand for centrifuges is increasing and the development prospects are promising. Experts remind that in the daily use process, we must pay attention to some relevant precautions to avoid accidents.

Centrifuges as a means have many advantages. For example, ultracentrifugation can operate at low temperatures, protecting the activity of biological macromolecules. The preparative centrifuge has a large load and can separate and purify a few grams of sample at a time, which is much larger than that of chromatography and electrophoresis. The analysis centrifuge not only can measure the molecular weight of the material, but also can test the purity, conformation and sedimentation coefficient of the material. Therefore, centrifugation technology plays an important role in biological research and is the most convenient and effective tool for the isolation and purification of cells, viruses, proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes.

Before turning the centrifuge, it must be confirmed that the rotor has been stabilized and tightened, and the rotor cap must be placed and stabilized. After installing a rotor, level the leveler on the rotor and repeatedly adjust the two adjustable screws on the front of the centrifuge until it is completely horizontal. It is very important to accurately balance the centrifuge tubes and their contents. When used, the load must be balanced and it is symmetrical. If you find abnormal sound during use, stop immediately.

Experts said that the correct operation and reasonable maintenance are the key to ensure the normal operation of the instrument and prolong the service life of the instrument. Centrifuges with superior performance must be properly operated and routinely maintained. If you can meticulously maintain the centrifuge, observe the operating status, listen to sounds, diagnose regularly, and deal with it in time, you can reduce the failure rate, extend the service life, and maximize the efficiency of the centrifuge.

In recent years, the use of centrifuges has become more and more extensive, and the technical requirements for centrifuges have become higher and higher. Whether it is the use of centrifuges or the development of new centrifuges, all companies need to continuously upgrade their technologies in order to advance the industry. progress.

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