Car fuel system maintenance tips

As the car deepens, more and more people are beginning to focus on car maintenance. Because the car that is often maintained and the car that is not maintained are very different in appearance and performance, the car that is often maintained can be seen at a glance, and the driver will be less and smoother when driving. It also saves us a lot of oil, which shows its importance. Today, will bring you to understand the maintenance skills of the car fuel system . Friends who want to know can quickly read it.


First, the fuel system carbon deposits, sediment formation reasons:

First of all, the fuel itself contains colloids, impurities, dust, moisture, etc., which accumulate deposits such as sludge in fuel tanks and oil inlet pipes, and secondly, due to oxidation and polymerization of unstable components such as olefins in gasoline at high temperatures. Glue and resinous viscous materials are formed. These viscous materials stay in the nozzles, intake valves, etc., and the deposits become hard carbon deposits when burned.

In addition, traffic congestion, cars are often in a low speed and idle state, which will increase the formation and aggravation of carbon deposits and sediments.

Second, the fuel system does not clean the hazard:


First, carbon deposits and deposits can block nozzle needles and valve holes, affecting the performance of precision components of the injection system, resulting in poor fuel injection, poor atomization, and reduced power performance. Secondly, the accumulation of carbon and sediment will cause the intake valve to be closed tightly, the cylinder pressure will drop or even temper, resulting in unstable engine idle speed, increased fuel consumption and accompanied by deterioration of exhaust emissions. The carbon deposits in the piston top and the cylinder head tend to cause local overheating of the combustion chamber and preheating of the gasoline to cause engine knocking and the like. These failures will shorten the life of the engine.

Third, the fuel system maintenance method:

1. Regularly add high quality fuel system cleaner (use once every 20,000 km). It can effectively remove the glue, carbon deposits and deposits in the combustion chamber, intake and Exhaust Valves , fuel injectors and fuel lines during the running of the vehicle to keep all parts of the fuel system clean. It also breaks down the water in the fuel, raises the fuel mark, and reduces harmful emissions. Especially when adding inferior fuel, you should always use it.

2. Regularly use high-quality injector system cleaner and special equipment to clean the injector (clean once at 20,000 km). It can remove the carbon deposit of the injector, eliminating engine shake, hysteresis, poor atomization, and poor acceleration. Make the oil and gas mixing ratio more accurate. Restore power, save fuel, reduce exhaust emissions, and no harm to injectors, oxygen sensors and three-way catalysts.

3. Regularly use high-quality throttle or intake system cleaner to clean the throttle system (clean once at 20,000 km).

It can be cleaned with special cleaning equipment, which removes gels and deposits from the throttle and intake manifolds, and removes carbon deposits from the intake valves, combustion chambers and three-way catalytic converters. Restore normal compression ratio, clear idle speed instability, knocking, lack of fire and other faults, make oil and gas mixing ratio more accurate, save fuel, reduce exhaust emissions, eliminate engine weakness, improve acceleration, improve vehicle power and drivability, protect fuel system components To prevent rust and corrosion.

These are the maintenance techniques of the car fuel system that the car owners have summarized. Do you learn it? In our daily life, we must not only maintain the big parts of the car, but also the small parts that are not easily observed. Only in this way can the car run healthier, reduce accidents, and have a long-lasting life.

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