Car dealer chaos exposure: these costs do not have to pay to buy cars do not make big head

Many car buyers have such experience: to 4S shop to see the car, the beginning, the staff suits straight, warm reception, a variety of discounts, deductions and activities to make you secretly hi, can really save the money to buy a car, There will be some more so-called service fees, inspection fees, and out-of-bank fees. Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee interviewed 60 car dealers about the chaos that existed in the sales process.

Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee unannounced visits to 60 dealers with 60 problems

Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee notified the Shanghai Auto Sales Consume Review report that in the recent unannounced visits to 25 mainstream brands and 70 dealers, it was found that there are 60 companies with gimmicks, disguised fare increase, and bundling sales. The service attitude is also Obvious difference between the table. The representatives of these 4S shops and their corresponding car brands were interviewed collectively.

Chaos one: when signing the contract disguised price increase service charges up to nearly ten thousand yuan

In Shanghai Kia delivery, a 2016 Kia KX5, with a factory price of 160,800, and a bare car price of 144,000, it looks very attractive. When signing the contract, the 4S sales staff proposed to receive an additional 4,300 yuan in service fees. Another Volvo Shanghai Shizhiwo, the service fee is 9,500 yuan.

Sales staff claimed: "Every Volvo 4S shop is like this, there is a 9500 service fee. 3500 on the card fee, 3000 loans, and then add 3,000 service fee. The service content includes our guide for you now, we All are paid services."

Chaos II: Distributors are not obliged to allow consumers to "pay"

Not only that, but also some of the obligations that dealers have to fulfill before the vehicle is delivered, such as PDI testing fees and outbound fees, as well as the “must pay” for consumers. At the Nissan Shanghai Jinmao store, the staff said: “We charge a service fee of 1,500 yuan. The service content includes the auto PDI testing fee, plus a 500 yuan library fee.”

In fact, as early as 2014, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, the Price Supervision, Inspection, and Anti-Monopoly Bureau had talked about BMW about the “PDI testing fee” and asked to stop collecting related fees.

Data chart

Chaos III: Costs of Consumer Fees

In this survey, BMW no longer charged "PDI testing fee" but added a "payback fee." In addition to BMW, Skoda Brilliance is also charging this fee.

The staff member said: “If you are on your own, we will also have to collect the fee. You have a credit card, and we have to pay a filing fee. This is a must-pay. You sell this car and sell it. Where the license is to be filed with the headquarters, he will produce materials, and you will need these materials for licensing."

Chaos 4: Consumers are asked to add any money

In short, in these 4S stores, any demand put forward by consumers must be increased. The urgency to raise cars must be increased, and the color of elections must be increased. When a reporter asked for an urgent mention of the car, the 4S shop staff said it was okay to buy decorations. If the decor is not in their shop, the discount rate is not as big as it used to be.

Being interviewed by dealers denying arbitrary charges. Secretary-General of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: Explanation cannot be convincing

These bizarre charges have been denied by the 4S shop representatives who came to the interview and believe that the sales staff encountered during the unannounced visits are unclear.

Tao Ailian, secretary-general of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, said: "A lot of 4S stores have made explanations, but these explanations don't convince us. How do we come to understand consumption clearly, the right to know is the prerequisite, and the right to choose and fair trade is fully guaranteed. Who needs protection? This is a statutory and basic obligation. It does not mean that you are required to do so. This is what the law requires you to do.” Tao Ailian points out that the next step is also the Consumer Protection Committee. The industry will be further tracked to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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Count the accounts of buying a car and car

The cost of buying a car needs to be taken care of, and the cost of the car has to be calculated. Some owners have calculated that after you buy a car, you need to pay for a series of costs such as car money, insurance, fuel costs, travel expenses, parking fees, car wash fees, maintenance fees, and fines. Even if calculated according to the lower frequency of use and expenses, a 100,000-vehicle car will cost more than 350,000 for 10 years! After buying a car, you must understand it before you can understand it.

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