Briefly consider the considerations of air supply in air conditioning systems

Air supply for air conditioning purification system (1) In the air conditioning system, in addition to the integrated unit, there is generally a refrigeration station, a heat exchange station, a boiler room, and a pump house. This requires normal operation of each power facility and interlocking control with each other. To make a part of the coordination work, without causing intermediate energy waste and operational accidents, the system itself should set up the connection of sound and photoelectric signals, and only the telephone system can not achieve the timely adjustment of the system. Coordinate with the air-conditioning unit to ensure that the various departments of the system operate normally to meet the design parameters. (2) The air-conditioning system is generally much larger than the air supply system of the comfort system, and the clean room generally has airflow organization requirements, and the reasonable arrangement of the air supply port should be considered. It can be seen from the airflow pattern at the return air outlet that the airflow at the return air outlet has little influence on the turnover cycle, so in the clean room, as long as the air supply volume requirement can be met, it is not appropriate to arrange the air supply port too much. The arrangement of the return air duct of the system should be reasonable, and the airflow speed of the return air duct should not be too large, and it is generally maintained at an economical flow rate of 6-8 m/s. If the return air duct is too small, it will affect the air volume balance of each suction duct. Sometimes, the amount of cool air that is close to the fan is large, and the air intake at the end is small, which makes the return air system uneven. (3) At present, there are two kinds of high-efficiency filter installation methods, the technical interlayer installation and unloading method and the top loading and unloading method. Since most clean rooms use technical interlayers, the first type of installation is more, which is characterized by easier installation and disassembly, easy sealing, and leakage into the technical interlayer. However, from the perspective of operation management, how to clean the technical interlayer, and more influence on the cleanliness of the interlayer is also a problem. (4) After the air conditioning system is cleaned, only the first step of purifying the air conditioning system is put into use, and long-term management is a more important step. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen leadership and sound and reasonable rules and regulations. Strengthen the post responsibility system, make the on-the-job training for the on-duty personnel, and formulate the necessary management system in combination with the cleanliness level of the process, the personnel situation, the purification equipment and the characteristics of the purification system, establish the necessary management log system, record the management use and abnormalities. Phenomenon in order to sum up experience and improve management and usage levels.

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