Barrel Heater Jacket Used on Injection Molding Machine

  • Insulation Material: Fiberglass & Aerogel
  • High Temperature Resistance: 750 Degrees
  • Product Type: Thermal Insulation Product
  • Advantage: Tailor Made for Your Machine Size
  • Factory: Redsant Energy Saver Ltd.
  • Transport Package: Standard Packing
  • Origin: China
  • Energy Saving: Save The Electric Energy 25%-45% at The Electric H
  • Product Certification: Reach & RoHS
  • Style: Sectional Type Installation
  • Feature: High Temperature Environmental Friendly
  • Trademark: RedsAnt
  • Specification: Reach & RoHs
Barrel heater jackets offer excellent insulation benefits for the barrels of injection molding machines, blow moulders, extruders, extruder heads and lip dies, etc.

This specialist insulation product can offer superb savings of up to 45% on barrel heating and is manufactured with the support of over 10 years of experience, so quality is guaranteed.

Product features:
1. Barrel blankets will save the electric energy 25%-45% at the electric heating coil.
2. Improve the high precision injection quality by isolating the affects from environment temperature change and the wind influence. It has the function of temperature stabilization.
3. Sew by imported high temperature environmental friendly material, not the asbestos insulation materials.
4. Easy to disassembly and maintenance, reusable and long service life.
5. Products has passed the European Reach and RoHs environmental certification, products do not contain any toxic chemical composition of green environmental protection product.
6. Reduce the temperature of injection workshops. Improve the employees working environment.
7. Six months ROI (return-on-investment) with higher returns.

Energy saving report sample:

Barrel Heater Jacket Used on Injection Molding MachineBarrel Heater Jacket Used on Injection Molding Machine

Barrel Heater Jacket Used on Injection Molding MachineBarrel Heater Jacket Used on Injection Molding Machine

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The special design of hydraulic pressure oil-way system improved the power of electricmotor and oil pump reseasonbale. The enhanced injection contyrol oil way , it accelerated injection moment, increaswed pressure and improved injection rate by more than 170%.

Environmental conservation, the reasonable increase of motor oil pump power maximally reduced energy consumption. 

Totally enclosed metal plate sheet enhanced overall saftely. 

Machine has hydraulic safety and mechanical safetly. 

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