·Automobile distribution industry development model faces transformation and upgrading

On December 3, 2011, the “2011 China Automobile Dealer Annual Meeting” co-sponsored by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce and Chexun.com was held at Xiyuan Hotel in Beijing. Bringing together the national automobile manufacturers, automobile distribution groups, and automobile aftermarket enterprises to explore and analyze the development trend of the entire automobile industry and jointly seek the road of reform and development of the Chinese automobile market.

In 2011, it was the first year of China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". In the slow recovery of the world economy and China's macroeconomic adjustment, China's auto market has returned from rapid development to rational low-speed growth. The market is changing, the environment is changing, the resources are changing, the customers are changing, the policies and competitors are changing. There are many promotion laws or strategies that have been applied in the past have been subverted. The majority of automobile dealers are accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and technological innovation. After vigorously developing the automobile market, we will continue to work hard for the healthy, orderly and steady development of the Chinese automobile market.

As a key link in the automotive industry chain, the automobile sales market and automobile dealerships have become increasingly important. Chinese car dealers are becoming the new force and main force in the field of automobile marketing services. China's automobile dealership industry has entered a fast-developing track and ushered in a new era of leap-forward development.

At the forum, industry guests discussed the problems existing in the automobile circulation, and believed that there are mainly the following main problems in the industry: First, the business method is single. Domestic auto dealers mainly rely on selling cars to make money, and the proportion of other businesses such as financial services, insurance services and after-sales services is too low. Second, car dealers have low ability to withstand risks. Then the layout of the outlets is unreasonable. At present, domestic 4S shops for passenger cars are concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, and there are few supporting facilities in second- and third-tier cities and vast rural areas. However, with the rational growth of the domestic auto market, the car ownership of some big cities has become saturated, and the second and third tier cities and rural markets are becoming the main growth points of the auto market. The current layout of outlets is not suitable for the development of the situation.

The current development of China's auto industry is currently in the new round of marketing channel transformation, and the competitive environment that has been successful in the past is changing. This change will have a huge impact on manufacturers, distributors and sales terminals. The capital with advanced decision-making and investment advancement will take the lead. The development of grouping will show the characteristics of aircraft carrier and may become the mainstream of sharing the cake in the Chinese automobile market. Domestic automotive marketing network opportunities and challenges coexist. Correctly understanding and judging the changing trend of China's entire automobile market and discovering the biggest profit area and value stream is one of the key points of future development potential. It will also be the key to the new round of “enclosure movement” in the auto market, and the future investment of Chinese auto channel investors. What changes and trends will be expected to look forward to? Finding a new economic model is inevitable. As a far-sighted investor, it is advisable to look at it. It can be said that the development of China's auto market will be diversified, and China's auto industry will move from a strong country to a world auto power. With the development of the Chinese auto market? Smoked as the terminal of the car sales channel - car dealers play an important role in the Chinese car market.

Boost, cohesion, change, and development, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce should strive to build a "unity, harmony, innovation, enterprising" chamber of commerce, and strive to build a car dealers association with Chinese characteristics for the Chinese automotive marketing market. Contribute to the steady development.

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