Australia has developed an app that can call without a launch pad

If you do not have a communication base station in your life, the mobile phone is generally useless, but now Australia has developed an app and a new device that allows you to speak mobile phones without a base station. On the other hand, the Middle East has also invented a satellite phone. When the base station signal is not working, researchers hope that these inventions can be used in the disaster area in the future to provide disaster relief personnel communications.
The shell was dismantled, and the researchers were immersed in focusing on connecting mobile communication devices. This was a breakthrough in mobile technology. A group of IT researchers in Australia developed an app called Seral Mesh that could form an independent wireless network even if there was a lack of communication. The base station still allows you to hold the phone and where to go.
In the future, it is expected that in the event of a natural disaster, it will be able to play its role in disaster areas and provide communications for disaster relief personnel. Researcher Paul: "The typhoon in the Philippines reminds us of the purpose and needs of R&D. We also cooperate with the New Zealand Red Cross Society."
Researchers have also newly designed a small hardware device that can be carried away with solar panels and transmission devices, and even tied to trees to expand the communication range of App software. There are more and more people using smart phones, people have more and more demands for communication, and the innovation we do is to combine smart phones and apps, as well as the satellite industry.
When the base station signal is unclear, there are satellite phones that can solve the problem. The headquarters is located in the satellite communication of the Sulaja Company in the United Arab Emirates, inventing the world’s first device. As long as the iPhone is put on the casing, it can instantly become a satellite mobile phone. , to meet the needs of modern people who rely on mobile phones to keep talking at any time and any place.

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