Application of rice grinder in rice imperfect grain inspection

We know that there are many inspection items in food inspection. In rice, for example, rice testing requires the inspection of yellow grains, disease classes, belly whites, and imperfect granules. To accomplish these tasks, the first thing to start is the use of rice grinders to grind white rice and ensure that it is unpacked. Whitening rate is high, broken rice is less, so choosing a suitable rice grinding machine has a very positive significance for improving rice inspection results.

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Rice imperfect grain is an important detection index of rice. It refers to rice grains that are immature or damaged but still have use value, including unripe grains, worm grains, disease grains, sprout grains, and mold grains. Rice mills to test rice imperfect grains can reflect the quality of raw grains, providing the most important factual basis for authentic evaluation of rice quality.

One important characteristic of rice is that it will be covered with a layer of rice husks on its outer surface. If these rice husks are not removed, the imperfect grains of rice, such as unripe granules, worm-eaten pods, diseased granules, and sprouts It is difficult to detect the presence of raw and mildewed grains, etc. However, large-scale rice mills cannot fulfill the requirement of fine-graining in terms of performance or function. After grinding, they are likely to appear crumbs, which will affect the imperfection of rice. Real test data of the tablets. This time can only be accomplished by professional inspection of rice mills to complete the rice whitening work, then it is possible to meet the requirements of various rice detection projects for rice samples, improve the detection accuracy.

It can be seen that the application of polished rice in imperfect grain inspection of rice is very important. In fact, the rice milling machine is not only widely used in rice imperfect grain inspection, but also plays an important role in the inspection of rice yellow grains, disease class, belly white, etc. It can be said that it is an ideal shelling process in the determination of rice quality. White equipment is suitable for the inspection of rice quality evaluation in food inspection, scientific research, teaching, production, processing, acquisition and marketing.

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