Annual meeting of equipment special committee of Chemical Equipment Association

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China Drying Newsletter The 2012 Work Conference of the Chemical Equipment Professional Committee of the China Chemical Equipment Association was recently held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. More than 90 representatives from the industry attended the meeting. Zhang Sheng, President of China National Chemical Equipment Association, gave a detailed introduction to the future development of petrochemical industry in Xinjiang and project construction conditions. He encouraged qualified companies to seize this opportunity to invest in and build factories in Xinjiang to provide technology for the development of Xinjiang's petrochemical industry. Equipment support. In addition, Liu Jinbao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinopec Nanhua Company’s Chemical Machinery Plant, introduced the experience of building quality petrochemical equipment and developing innovative energy-saving products. Zhang Kai, deputy chief engineer of Lanzhou Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. refining equipment company introduced the new “Pressure Vessel”. The impact of standards on product design and manufacturing.

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