Analysis on the problems of dust filter fans

In the case of small dust volume treatment, the aerodynamic effect provided by the fan is small due to the small amount of air treatment, and the inertial force of the fiber in the direction of motion of the airflow is less than that of inertial force. As a function, most of the dust will be separated by inertial centrifugation, and it will be less than the dust that is adhered to the filter screen by the filter screen or intercepted by the filter screen, which has less influence on the mechanical movement balance of the filter shaft. Therefore, the dust at this time The capture does not affect the safe operation of the equipment.

If the fiber filter fan handles a large amount of air, because the air volume is large, the aerodynamic force of the dust is larger. At this time, it may be far greater than the separation of the centrifugal force, so that the dust separated by the inertial centrifugal force is less, and the dust is mostly worn through the filter or The filter mesh is intercepted and bonded to the filter screen. If the centrifugal speed is increased and the centrifugal force is increased, since the rotating shaft is integrated with the fan shaft, the greater the rotational speed, the greater the aerodynamic force of the dust, and the dust cannot be effectively separated by the inertial centrifugal force. Therefore, the more dust that passes through the filter or is intercepted by the filter, the greater the amount of dust adhering to the filter. Therefore, when the fiber filter fan has a large amount of air to be treated, the fiber dust is heavily bonded to the filter. The phenomenon affects the stable balance of the fan blade shaft, so that the fan equipment can not operate normally.

In order to solve this problem, the dust filter fan will not affect the normal operation of the fan due to the dust adhering to the filter. Therefore, it is envisaged to adopt a method of separately designing the filter and the fan to separate the air intake and the trapping function, that is, to change the dust filter. For the combination of the filter rotor and the centrifugal fan, the filter rotor only functions as inertial centrifugal separation and filtration separation, which is beneficial to adjust the motor speed to enhance the centrifugal separation effect, so that the inertial centrifugal force received by the dust is far greater than the aerodynamic force. Prevent dust from sticking to the filter screen, even if the dust adheres to the filter screen, it will not affect the safe operation of the fan equipment. The filter rotor needs to be used in conjunction with the secondary induced draft fan, which can be used in applications where the amount of air supplied is large.

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