Analysis of the research experiment on the vibration of the fan

Due to the vibration caused by the impeller ash, the production is seriously affected. It has been measured that when the opening degree of the axial flow device (ie, the damper) is 35% to 65%, the vibration of the damper and the flue is intensified. The increase in the flue amplitude causes a serious imbalance of the impeller, which prevents the fan from operating normally. The amplitude has increased from the original 6 channels to more than 50 channels. When the cyclone opening is in the range of 35% to 65%, the fan cannot operate normally. The fan axial runner has a large diameter (2.8 m), and the axial flow device is close to the current collector (ie, the air inlet) and is directed toward the current collector. When the flue gas passes through the axial flow device, the high wind speed (43M/sec) produces a rotation phenomenon in the flue, which increases the amplitude of each part for two main reasons: (1) the axial flow device and the flue gas. The self-vibration frequency is coupled with the pulsation frequency of the flue gas to generate a resonance phenomenon; (2) the axial flow device is close to the current collector, because the speed of the air flow is high, the speed of the flue gas rotating in the air passage is not slowed down to the current collecting The device directly enters the impeller. Due to the characteristics of the volute, the impact force of the various parts of the impeller is uneven, and an eccentric force is generated, which causes the impeller to lose balance and cause vibration. For the above two factors that generate vibration, different methods can be used to eliminate them. (1) Increase the stiffness of the structure to change the natural frequency of the axial flow, the flue, the current collector and the casing to escape the pulsation frequency of the flue gas to eliminate vibration. Y4-73-11NO250 fan axial flower consists of 12 blades, each with a length of 1250mm and a thickness of 6mm. Due to the long distance between the fulcrums, the blade itself has small stiffness, and the impact of high airflow causes the blades to pulsate and force the flue gas into the impeller. Impact phenomenon, so 8mm thick steel plate can be welded on each blade. The amplitude of the axial flow can be reduced from the original 7 to 3, and the impeller amplitude is reduced from the original 50 to 3, and the impeller amplitude is from the original. More than 50 lanes fell to 35 lanes.

Through experiments, this paper uses ICP-AES to determine six elements of Fe, Si, Cu, Al, Ni and Mn in magnesium. The sample was decomposed with HCl+HNO3 in the presence of bromine, and the working curve was made with magnesium to eliminate the interference of magnesium. The analytical method met the product analysis requirements. (2) The precision of the determination results of each element of the method is good (except for trace amount of Ni), and the relative standard deviation is 1.11 to 6.96%; and the accuracy is also high.

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