Analysis of the external cold engine innovation of the new type compressor

1 Description

The object of the transformation is an Atlas GA30 air compressor. The cold-drying system of the machine is seriously aged. It is no longer able to cool the air compressor outlet temperature to below 10 °C, and the moisture in the compressed air cannot be discharged normally.

During the repair of the cold-drying system, it was found that the copper tube of the cold-drying system was seriously corroded, and the refrigerant was lost due to frequent damage, and the refrigeration could not be cooled. After each repair, new leak points were found, and the compressor was seriously deteriorated. Frequently unable to cool normally, ask the original manufacturer, and answer that the model is too old, there is no replacement.

2 Preparation before the transformation

1 Configure an independent cold dryer, the parameters must meet the following requirements: processing capacity: GA30 air compressor gas production is 3.5m 3 / min, the purchase of independent cold dryer processing capacity is greater than 3.5m 3 / min.

The outlet temperature: the outlet air temperature is 2 ° C ~ 10 ° C, that is, the temperature of the compressed air discharged from the outlet of the dryer is lower than 10 ° C.

Working pressure: The maximum working pressure set by the air compressor is 0.85 MPa, and the working pressure of the independent cold dryer is required to be greater than 0.85 MPa.

Abstract: Through the analysis of the advantages of the independent cold dryer, it is decided to replace the original cold-drying system with an independent cold dryer, and integrate the operation and control of the independent cold dryer into the automatic control system of the air compressor. The operation of the original equipment can reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment and improve the stability of the equipment.

2 Ensure the system linkage between the independent cold dryer and the air compressor, so that the operation and control of the independent cold dryer are integrated into the automatic control system of the air compressor without affecting the operation of the original equipment.

3 equipment transformation

The cold dryer is installed at the rear end of the air compressor tank, and a M-class filter is installed between the dryer and the gas tank.

The circuit diagram of the dryer is required to short the power switch so that it is always connected. The ultimate goal is to control it from the air compressor control panel.

Schematic diagram of the built-in cold dryer circuit in the air compressor, where C 1 is the compressor starting capacitor, F 0 is the fuse, M 1 is the cooling fan motor, M 2 is the compressor motor, and S 3 is the pressure switch. The pressure switch detects the pressure difference generated by the flow of the refrigerant in the machine when the compressor is running. When there is no pressure difference, the cooling fan M1 does not work, and vice versa. Q 1 is a thermal protector. Here, the whole system is disconnected from the air compressor main control circuit. First, the pressure switch S 3 is disconnected, the fan motor M 1 is stopped, and then the thermal protector Q 1 is disconnected to stop the compressor.

A contactor is installed in the air compressor control cabinet, and the working voltage of the contactor coil is 220V. The input end of the contactor is directly connected to the 220V power supply, and the output end is connected to the external cold-drying machine power supply line L, N (see Figure 2). ), and connect the built-in cold dry machine power supply L 1 and L2 to the contactor coil.

Find the thermocouple in the air compressor to detect the dew point temperature. The thermocouple is installed in the heat sink on the upper part of the air compressor, and can be directly taken out and installed near the air outlet of the newly installed external dryer. The dew point temperature can be directly viewed on the air compressor control panel. After the above work is completed, the transformation task is completed.

4 considerations

It is better to install an M-class filter between the newly installed cold dryer and the air compressor, so that the compressed air entering the cold dryer is relatively clean, which can effectively increase the service life of the dryer.

The entire system is best placed in a relatively ventilated area.

The external dryer is separated from obstacles such as the surrounding walls by more than 800mm, so that the dryer can dissipate heat better (except for water-cooled).

At least 3 min intervals between the stop of the dryer and the start of operation (avoid the pressure difference in the system is too high to prevent damage to the cooling compressor).

Regularly remove dust from the cooling net every month.

5 transformation effect

The cooling effect is obviously enhanced, and the temperature is stable at about 5 ° C, and the stability is high.

The external cold dryer is fully integrated into the air compressor control system to realize automatic control of the system without manual intervention.

Because the cold dryer is installed outside the air compressor, and the internal space is large, the structure is simple, the maintenance is very convenient, and the problem of maintenance and maintenance of the original built-in cold dryer is solved, and the cold dryer is made in China, and there are many accessories. The price is cheap, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

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