Analysis of the composition of affordable CNC lathe

The economical CNC lathe is made up of a common lathe with a numerical control system, a stepping motor and a four-position tool holder. The main motor is a two-speed motor, and the high-low speed conversion of the motor is completed by the numerical control command; the mechanical gear has two-position single-slip Each of the shifting gear and the three-position double-slip gear can be shifted, and the spindle speed can be changed by manual shifting.

In order to conveniently use the manual and numerical control methods, the original manual operation part is retained, and the numerical control system adopts a numerical control system to complete the motion control of the large carriage, the middle carriage and the tool change of the automatic cutter holder.

As an economical CNC lathe, it is not appropriate to make major changes to the machine tool in the automatic shifting of the spindle. Therefore, we have not made major modifications to the spindle headbox, but only designed the spindle shifting module and the electronic control module. And the machine can retain the original shifting handle part for easy use in the application.

The spindle automatic transmission system is hydraulically driven. The pressure oil output from the gear oil pump is set by the relief valve and the oil pressure is displayed by the pressure gauge. The throttle valve can be used to adjust the movement speed of the shift cylinder. The three-position gear is controlled by the cylinder to shift the movement. When the electromagnet is energized, the left and right chambers of the cylinder simultaneously enter the oil so that the piston in the cylinder is in the right position, and the piston rod is in the right position, so that the three-position gear is in the middle position.


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