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Car networking is no stranger to it. Many companies are developing car networking technology. Bosch also has invested in this field. In order to make the Internet part of the vehicle, Bosch technicians developed a new MySpin system to integrate the driver's iPhone or Android smart phone with the vehicle, so that the network information received by the mobile phone can be displayed on the main display of the car console console. on. Bosch also plans to use its self-developed eHorizon system to connect the automotive power system to the Internet, which is linked to the various components of the power system through software programs. Use a picture to understand Bosch's achievements in the car networking!

Bosch Automotive

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Embedded copper tube cold plate with low pressure drop for a variety of Applications, including:
Thermoelectric module cooling
Laboratory hot/cold plate
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Medical application
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These cold plates are made of copper tubes pressed into aluminum cold plates.

Copper And Stainless Steel Tube Cold Plates

Copper And Stainless Steel Tube Cold Plates

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