3500 years ago, Shang Dynasty's ancient sinking boat bathed after two years of "techno bathing"

This is the largest and most complete Shang Dynasty canoe for archaeological discoveries in China. It was discovered on the western bank of the Huaihe River in the suburbs of Xi County in July 2009. It has a length of 9.28 meters, a maximum width of 0.78 meters, and a height of 0.6 meters. The entire body of the boat was cut from a log. The tree species was determined to be the mother tree and the tropical tree species. The Jianghuai area has been extinct.

After the canoe was unearthed, it was hidden in the Xinyang Museum and dehydration treatment began in 2012. According to reports, due to the canoe sinking in the waters of the Huai River for several thousand years, the absolute water content of the boat body is generally between 200-300%, and it must be dehydrated to achieve long-term protection. That is, using different concentrations of polyethylene glycol aqueous solution to moisturize and dip the ancient boat, equivalent to a high-tech "bath."

Chen Jiachang, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology under the protection of the project and director of the Henan Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Center, introduced that with the completion of the on-site dehydration impregnation, canoe protection has taken a crucial step. Next, we will continue to carry out stereotyped reinforcement, repair and repair, anti-mildew sterilizing and sealing treatment. The entire protection process will take more than five years. After the completion of all the protection processes, the world will be able to take a glimpse of the complete picture of the ancient ship.

The discovery of the Shang Dynasty canoe provided valuable physical information for the study of China's shipping history and the local paleoclimate, water traffic history, shipbuilding history, and the production and living conditions of the ancestors of the ethnic communities. It has important historical, artistic, and scientific values.

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