3 tons of fire sprinklers use what are the precautions

The 3- ton fire sprinkler is a relatively large-scale machine. To prevent damage to the machine and increase the efficiency of the machine, we must use it after understanding the use of the machine, so that we can achieve a multiplier effect. So what are the precautions for using a 3-ton fire engine?


   When the fire hydrant in the fire sprinkler is used to fill water, the fire hydrant supply pressure must meet the demand of the fire engine. It is best to select natural water sources during the selection of water sources, but when using river ditch or pond water sources, it is necessary to pay attention to putting all the suction pipes inside the fire sprinkler into the water while avoiding suction pipes to inhale stones or debris. Wait, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment. Generally, a suction device is installed inside the suction pipe. During the water absorption, the filter device should not be taken out. Water can not be selected where the water level is shallow, and water can not enter the suction pipe during water absorption so as to avoid interruption of water absorption.


   Fire sprinklers are relatively low in the number of devices for rinsing water. To prevent equipment damage, be careful to avoid obstacles during operation. When using a fire sprinkler to eliminate a fire, after entering the fire site, it must be in accordance with the requirements of the command to enter the designated position to park the vehicle, so as to be able to flexibly attack the fire. After entering the fire, the engine must always be in operation. In order to prevent combatants from harming due to the reaction force of the water gun, the fire sprinkler must gradually increase the water pressure when it starts to supply water.


   Because fire sprinklers have the function of fire fighting, they need to be filled with liquid at any time, but the low temperature in winter is relatively low, because there is water and sometimes the temperature of the equipment will be even below zero. At this time, we must pay attention to shutting off the water tank and fire. Pump ball valve. At the same time also need to open the fire pump, power take-off, fire cannons and fire hose discharge valve, remove the residual moisture inside the pipe, so as not to freeze the device.

Supporting Equipment of Plating Line

Supporting equipment of plating line such as filter, rectifier,etc.

It includes: Rectifier system,DC conductive copper bar or cable, Filter system, Filter piping, Post-treatment dryer, Water chiller, Ultrasonic generator, Cooling water tower, Stainless steel heat preservation water tank (with level gauge and alarm) and horizontal water pump and piping system, Circulating pump and piping system between chiller and cooling tower, Secondary wiring of supporting equipment,Coarse regeneration device, Automatic dosing and conductivity meter.

In order to complete the electroplating process according to the process requirements, it is not enough to have a power supply and a plating tank, and there must be some auxiliary equipment to ensure the normal production of electroplating. Including heating or cooling equipment, cathode moving or stirring equipment, plating solution circulation or filtering equipment, and necessary accessories for plating tanks such as electrode rods, electrode wires, anodes and anode baskets, plating hangers, etc.

Supporting Equipment Of Plating Line,Electroplating Equipment,Filter Equipment In Plating Line,Rectifier Equipment Of Plating Line

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